May 18th, 2013 - Race #1

A Running Mass Start competition presented by WBA at RMSF - TCSA

Chief or Course: Josh Alms
Chief of Timing: Joanne Angell
Chief of Competition: Bob Vallor

The Washington Biathlon Association kicked off its 2013 Summer season this past weekend with Cross Biathlon competitions #1 and #2 and Mountain Bike Biathlon #A at the Rattlesnake Mountain Shooting Facility in Benton City. On Saturday, May 18th twenty-one competitors ranging in age from 10 to 64 raced a Mass Start format event. Heavy winds and blowing dust took their toll at the shooting range. The tightest race of the day was in the Youth Boys where Cooper Jackson edged first timer Kyle Helborn by just five seconds over the 3 km course. Kyle's brother Mason came in third. The winds resulted in just two cleans by all the adults entrants. Sean Kato, Dave Anana, Steve Angell and Victor Woo took golds in the men's heat. Kato dominated the men's field with a time almost four minutes faster than his next closest competitor. Bryn Black and Sibylle Wilbert led the women. Sibylle, the 2010 U.S. Summer Nationals Champion, had the best time of all the women.

On Sunday the winds had calmed, somewhat. But that didn't stop a genuine Tri-Cities dust devil from spinning across that start line, knocking over course markers as the fist heat began. There is a reason the local minor league baseball team's nickname is the "Dust Devils"...

The competitors took advantage of the calmer winds in the Sprint, which hosted eighteen racers. This Sprint sets up the June 16th Pursuit to be held in Seattle. The men's heat featured six cleans among the 12 competitors including a perfect day at the range for Men's Master 3 winner Steve Angell. Steve, as usual, was quiet, efficient and effective. He is always popular at competitions in part because his wife Joanne comes with him and she is a highly efficient, accurate and encouraging starter and timer. Sean Kato, Dave Anana, Steve and Victor Woo repeated with gold in the mens groups. Bryn Black and Sibylle Wilbert led the women again.

After the Sprint competition, the first Mountain Bike event of the season was held, MTB #A. Nine men competed in a nine kilometer course that ran along the banks of the Yakima river just a few miles before it feeds into the big Columbia. Sean Kato took first place and his third gold of the weekend with Dave Anana second and Josh Alms third.

  Men (6k)
PlaceName (Bib)PPSSTAll TgtsET (Back)Points
1/4Sean Kato (7)1133860%0:32:5860
2/4Dan Richards (12)25421335%0:38:01 (05:03)54
3/4Josh Alms (5)14531335%0:41:27 (08:29)48
4/4Mike Kamansky (4)33551620%2:00:00 (27:02)0
  Comments: DNF; did not complete last shooting bout; time is not official.
1/4Dave Anana (13)2122765%0:37:1960
2/4Stephen Howard (2)5555200%0:42:23 (05:04)54
3/4Mark Turner (11)23321050%0:43:49 (06:30)48
4/4David Hagadorn (6)34451620%0:46:29 (09:10)43
1/4Steve Angell (3)2222860%0:39:0460
2/4David Painter (1)22531240%0:40:32 (01:28)54
3/4Jim Slyfield (9)3021670%0:40:40 (01:36)48
4/4Jack Whisler (8)23351335%0:55:54 (16:50)43
1/1Victor Woo (10)54451810%0:54:4660
  Women (5k)
PlaceName (Bib)PPSSTAll TgtsET (Back)Points
1/2Bryn Black (30)0133765%0:37:5260
2/2Arminda Phillips (32)45341620%0:39:47 (01:55)54
1/1Sibylle Wilbert (31)32331145%0:33:4360
  Youth (4k)
PlaceName (Bib)PPSSTAll TgtsET (Back)Points
1/1Eric Grossarth (21)45541810%0:36:4660
1/4Cooper Jackson (72)1201480%0:13:2960
2/4Kyle Holborn (70)2001385%0:13:34 (00:05)54
3/4Mason Holborn (71)0200290%0:14:58 (01:29)48
4/4Tristan Howard (20)0122575%0:19:17 (05:48)43