Don Youkey

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Shooting Statistics
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Race History
 Event Name (Location)DateDisciplineClassP1P2S1S2TTimePoints
 WBA Race #9
April 2nd, 2016IndividualMM33121700:56:3443
 WBA Race #8
March 13th, 2016PursuitMM344451701:04:2440
 WBA Race #7
March 12th, 2016SprintMM35030800:44:4238
 WBA Race #6
February 28th, 2016Super SprintMM31(3)3(3)0(3)2(3)600:33:1438
 WBA Race #5
February 27th, 2016Mass StartMM343341401:02:2436
 WBA Race #4
February 7th, 2016SprintMM33030600:39:4740
 WBA Race #3
February 6th, 2016IndividualMM33132901:04:4343
 WBA Race #2
January 24th, 2016Super SprintMM31(3)1(3)5(3)2(3)900:36:0838
 WBA Race #1
January 23rd, 2016Mass StartMM345521601:06:5936
  Comments: skied off course

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