Save the Date!

On June 15th, 2013 the WBA will host a presentation seminar by Sondre Nordberg at the Seattle Police Athletic Association pavilion in Tukwila (Seattle), WA. Nordberg is a former top level biathlete from Norway, a biathlon coach and a graduate of the Norwegian College of Elite Sports. He is devoted to improving the performance of biathletes through training and mental preparation. Nordberg was the key note speaker at the Kvalfoss Sprint in January 2013. He has a unique insight into the importance of Dry Fire Training from his extensive work in the area, and he is considered one of Norway's most competent experts in this field.

Nordberg is the author of the groundbreaking book Torrtrening (Dry Fire) Training for Biathlon (not yet available in English). The book focuses on improving all aspects of biathlon shooting through Dry Fire Training. Nordberg provides a thorough, easy to understand step by step guide to perfect prone and standing positions. He also covers everything you need to know about mental training and optimal mental preparation before competition and training, and also a wide range of shooting tests to measure your progress from the Dry Fire training.

Based on his book, Sondre Nordberg has developed a presentation seminar that gives both athletes and coaches a detailed and understandable step-by-step guide to improve biathlon performance through Dry Fire training. Dry Fire training is a significant aspect of biathlon training that has not received the focus it deserves. There is a tremendous potential in all biathletes that can be brought to the surface through effective and optimal Dry Fire Training.

This presentation is Nordberg's first in North America and is set for June 15th, 2013. It is two hours of initial lecture instruction, and covers every aspect of Dry Fire training for Biathlon. By the end of the session, athletes and coaches know exactly how to Dry Fire train in order to effectively improve performance.

The presentation Dry Fire Training for Peak Performance in Biathlon will focus on:
  • How optimal Dry Fire Training makes you a better shooter
  • Specific Dry Fire Workouts
  • How to combine mental training and Dry Fire Training to achieve peak performance
  • How and why use Dry Fire Training in preparation for competition and training to perform at your maximum
  • Questions and Answers regarding any special issues
  • Included after the presentation will be a meeting time with attendees to plan and detail what types of Dry Fire exercises they should be using to improve their specific weaknesses on the shooting range.

    The SPAA Pavilion can handle several hundred attendees and the presentation is open to biathlon competitors interested in improving their abilities on the range. The cost is being kept down at the level of a single competition entry cost. In addition the SPAA biathlon range will be open after the session and there is a WBA Summer Series Cross Biathlon competition the next day, June 16th. We are working on identifying a host hotel close to the venue which is minutes from Seattle Tacoma International Airport. If you have question,s please contact Bob Vallor [bob.vallor(at)] or Bryn Black []. We hope to welcome biathletes from across the United States and Canada for this unique opportunity, and to participate in the competition the following day. A registration package and invitation letter will be posted on this website in the very near future.