October 28th, 2014 - WBA Membership Annual Meeting

A(n) Board Meeting presented by WBA at Private

Washington Biathlon Association
2014 Annual Membership Meeting
October 28, 2014

The 14th annual membership meeting was called to order at 7:19 PM by President Bob Vallor. Also in attendance were Vice President Jack Whisler, Treasurer Bryn Black, Secretary Sibylle Wilbert, Board Members Cory Hoeger and Brian Palm, Elections Administrator Victor Woo, and WBA Members Alix Anderson, Sabine Arnold, the Jackson family (Cooper, Delaney, Gina, and Tom), Mike Lunenschloss, Rich McClung, Grete Porteous, Dan Richards, and Christin Vallor, and National Guard Sgt. Ezra Ifie. Athletesí Representative Sean Kato, Board Members Mike Kamansky and Dave Shaw, and website administrator Greg Daly were not able to attend.
The medals for the 2014 summer season were presented. The foot races had 44 competitors in 11 categories with Silver awarded to Jack Whisler (MM3) and Bryn Black (MW2), and Gold to Cooper Jackson (Y3B), Dan Richards (MM1), Dave Anana (MM2), Steve Angell (MM3), Victor Woo (MM4), Bella Fox (Y3G), Gina Jackson (MW2), and Sibylle Wilbert (MW3). The mountain bike races had 16 competitors in 4 categories with Gold awarded to Cooper Jackson (Y), Dan Richards (M), and Gina Jackson (W). Congratulations to Alix Anderson (MW1) for receiving a medal for Rookie of the Year.
Because summer season medals were out of stock in 2013, they were also presented at this yearís Annual Meeting. For the foot races, Bronze was awarded to Mason Holborn (Y3), Sean Kato (MM1) and Jim Slyfield (MM3), Silver to Kyle Holborn (Y3), Cory Hoeger (MM1), Dave Anana (MM2), and Jack Whisler (MM3), and Gold to Cooper Jackson (Y3), Dan Richards (MM1), Mark Turner (MM2), Brian Palm (MM3), Bryn Black (MW2), and Sibylle Wilbert (MW3), and for the mountain bike races Bronze was awarded to Josh Alms (M), Silver to Tom Davies (M), and Gold to Cooper Jackson (Y) and Dan Richards (M). A complete list of competitorsí 2013 and 2014 season points can be viewed on the WBA website at http://www.wabiathlon.org/?results.
The Treasurer reported that the WBA had available cash of $3,568.73 and no debt. The net income was $483.91 with an annual income of $15,650.12 from earned revenues, memberships, and other miscellaneous proceeds. Expenses of $15,166.21 were due to capital equipment purchases, equipment maintenance and repair, insurance, trail passes, USBA membership dues, training, and other miscellaneous expenses.
The WBA currently has 72 active members. Renewals for WBA and USBA annual memberships are due at this time (forms are available on each Association's website) and members who submit their renewals by December 1 will be entered in a drawing for a free race weekend.
Some members had expressed interest in purchasing new WBA racing suits and vests. Bob will notify everyone who made a request of the amount they owe before he places the order with VOmax. He also will return the fit-kit to VOmax.
The WBA has access to a number of race venues. Summer competitions can be held at the Seattle Police Athletic Association (SPAA) in Tukwila, the Black Diamond Gun Club (BDGC), the Rattlesnake Mountain Shooting Facility in the Tri-Cities (RSM-SF), the biathlon range in Mazama, and the Mt. Spokane State Park in Spokane. While the RSM-SF will likely no longer be available in the fall, the North Central Washington gun club (NCW-GC) in East Wenatchee will be explored as an alternative. Winter competitions can be conducted at the Stevens Pass Nordic Center (SPNC), the biathlon range in Mazama, or the Liberty Bell High School in Winthrop.
Tukwila: After new staff took office at SPAA this year, the WBA obtained approval to deploy a movable practice target on one of the rifle ranges. A decision on the precise location for the target will be made in the coming weeks.
Black Diamond: The BDGC has opened its doors every summer for the WBA. Typically, firing and target line work is needed before a race and the range needs to be mowed to cut the vegetation below eye-level in prone position (the WBA lawn mower needs repair for this purpose).
Tri-Cities: The user fees at the RSM-SF have gone up significantly. In addition, the range is too busy to accommodate biathletes during hunting season. As an alternative, NCW-GC in East Wenatchee will be explored next season.
Spokane: Efforts are under way to build a winter biathlon range at Mt. Spokane State Park. The WBA will be supporting the development of the new facility with input and materials as needed.
Mazama and Winthrop: The Methow Valley winter race schedule is not yet available. If races are being conducted in Mazama or at Liberty Bell High School, the WBA will provide targets and other equipment as needed.
Stevens Pass: After last yearís significant improvements to the biathlon range at SPNC, Mike Power and Jim and Chris Fletcher have been preparing the range for the upcoming winter season by brush cutting, additional smoothing of the firing line, channeling the water flow through the range, and expanding the penalty loop area. Bob pulled the old carpet out of the container and installed 3/4" thick horse trailer padding, which is heavy and safer to walk on when frozen. There were no new holes in the container this year.
The 2014/2015 winter season schedule was presented. Events at SPNC include a newcomer ski clinic with a ski waxing demo on January 10, a newcomer biathlon clinic and advanced ski clinic on January 11, a Shooting and Exertion biathlon clinic for advanced biathletes by Lanny Barnes on February 14&15, and competitions on January 24&25, February 21&22, March 7&8, and April 11&12. World Masters Games are being held in Quebec City, Canada, on Feb 5-8 and US Nationals in Soda Springs, CA on March 19-22.
The Elections Administrator presented the results from this year's Board elections. Positions to be filled included the Vice President, Treasurer, Board Positions #2 and #4, and Athletesí Representative. Each position had one candidate (all incumbents). Nineteen out of 79 eligible voters (24%) submitted valid ballots. Each of the candidates was reelected: Jack Whisler for Vice President, Bryn Black for Treasurer, Dave Shaw and Brian Palm for Board Positions #2 and #4, respectively, and Sean Kato for Athletes' Representative. WBA members also voted on two proposed amendments to the by-laws. The first, which allows for making Board nominations directly to the Election Administrator, passed unanimously. The second, which allows for appointing a Washington National Guard Liaison to the Board of Directors, passed with 18 Yes and one No votes. The results are presented in Appendix 1. One comment was received, which suggested filling Board positions through a general vote rather than electing an appointed candidate.
The state of the WBA was reviewed:
Ammunition is gradually reappearing for sale at affordable prices. The WBA secured two cases and still has a fair amount of 711B left.
Bob built a cart mounted on snowboards to haul biathlon mats in the winter at SPNC.
The WBA purchased its 11th Izhmash club rifle. It has a full-size (7-4) stock, which will be replaced with a smaller (7-3) stock once one becomes available. A number of magazines went missing since May 2013 and some rifles had to be equipped with spares. To keep track of rifle accessories more easily, all extra parts are now handed out in person when the rifle is checked out. A check list of the loaned items is being reviewed upon return. The system seems to work as we have not lost any parts since.
The National Guard continues to develop a biathlon program for their members. More funding has become available and several Guard Members, including Col. Humphreys, Maj. Barrow, Sgt. Howard, and Sgt. Ifie in particular, have become actively involved in kick-starting the program. With the recently approved amendments to the by-laws, the WBA now also has a Board position for a National Guard Liaison. On October 26, Sgt. Ifie and Bob organized a biathlon clinic for Guard Members at SPNC. Despite the blustery weather, during which the WBA lost its tent awnings in a wind storm, all seven participants were wet but unfazed and completed a full training day. More practice days will be held in the future.
The WBA website has multiple administrators now and improvements have been made. Additional volunteers are needed as contributors to content and a new newsletter.
The future of the current rifle rental program has become uncertain due to Initiative 594, which will require background checks before rifles can be loaned to a member. Going forward, the WBA will need to understand the legal consequences of the Initiative and how it will affect its programs.
The WBA is reaching out to Rob Rosser at the Casper Mountain Biathlon Club in Wyoming and Mark Sheppard in West Yellowstone, Montana, to send a West Coast representative to the next USBA Annual Meeting. As USBA representatives usually do not come west, it would be a good opportunity for discussing the support of Masters programs as well as training and certification of coaches and officials as these activities are currently funded locally without national contributions.
Sondre Nordberg, a biathlon consultant and former top-level biathlete from Norway, returned to Seattle this year for a two-day clinic on dry-firing techniques and mental training in biathlon based on his new book, which will become available as an electronic copy in the near future. The clinic was again excellent and very well received.
The seasonís medals now have a personalized logo including a snowflake for winter.
There was neither old nor new business to discuss.
Bob adjourned the meeting at 8:07 pm.

Annual Membership Meeting
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