August 5th, 2014 - Board Meeting

A(n) Board Meeting presented by WBA at Private

Washington Biathlon Association
Board of Directors Meeting Minutes
August 5, 2014

The meeting was called to order at 6:36 pm. In attendance were President Bob Vallor, Vice President Jack Whisler, Treasurer Bryn Black, Board Member Dave Shaw, and Secretary Sibylle Wilbert. Board Member Brian Palm attended by phone. Athletes’ Representative Sean Kato, Board Members Cory Hoeger and Mike Kamansky, and website administrator Greg Daly were unable to attend.
All attending had seen the minutes from the last Board Meeting in July. Dave moved to accept the minutes. Jack seconded and all agreed.
No new membership applications were received this month.
Bryn proceeded with the treasury report. The checking account held $2,023.43 and the PayPal account $2,579.73. Upcoming expenses include dues to Sondre Norberg of $476 and an order for new banners.
Bob checked all club rifles for missing or broken parts and prepared a list of items for a possible order with Izhmash. Six magazines have been lost over time, which each cost about $45 or $55 (relay) to replace. To help account for parts that are handed out with loaned rifles, Bryn and Jack prepared a checklist that will be reviewed with the borrower at receipt of the rifle and signed upon return. Rifle parts will be kept at the registration table.
Ammunition is starting to become available again at reasonable prices, although still at higher cost than before the shortage. The club currently owns enough ammunition to get through the summer competitions (4150 rounds of Federal 711B and 3300 rounds of Aguila). SPAA also has cases of Aguila for sale.
Bryn and Jack are working on getting a WBA Newsletter started on Facebook. Bob provided Jack with copies of previous Newsletters from 1999 – 2006 for review. A similar format will be used to post WBA information, general news, classified ads, sponsors’ ads, and photos or videos. Bryn and Jack are planning on approximately quarterly publications with the first after the Annual Meeting in October.
The Washington National Guard is in the process of creating a biathlon team. A budget to provide the necessary equipment for ten initial team members has been approved. The Guard biathletes will also be WBA members. To support the new team it might be helpful to have Guard representation on the WBA Board of Directors. Bob will edit the bylaws to add an optional Board position for a non-voting Guard biathlete.
The proposed date for the next Annual Meeting is October 28. Elections will be held for Board positions of Vice President, Treasurer, Board Member #2, and Board Member #4, and Athletes’ Representative, which are currently held by Jack, Bryn, Dave, Brian, and Sean, respectively. All incumbents present agreed to re-run for their positions. Bob will follow up with Sean. Bob moved to nominate Victor Woo as the Elections Administrator. Dave seconded and all agreed. Possible locations for the meeting include Naked City Brewing and Alibi Room in Greenwood. Both are pubs with separate rooms for private events. Bryn will check out both options for availability, possible cost, and parking.
Several competing events kept the participation at the Washington Games individual race on July 19 below average. However, the race went well and was well received by the competitors.
Two more races are on the schedule for this summer:
August 16 – super sprint at SPAA
September 7 – individual foot race and mountain bike race at the Black Diamond gun club (BDGC). This race date conflicts with US Summer Biathlon Nationals at the Auburn Ski Club in Soda Springs, CA, on September 5 – 7, which will be attended by some WBA members.
The upcoming winter season schedule was discussed. Dates to avoid include February 5 – 8 (Winter World Masters Games in Québec City) and tentatively March 14 – 22 (US Biathlon Nationals at the Auburn Ski Club, Soda Springs, CA). Also unavailable are January 17/18 (Holiday), January 31/February 1 (Komen snow shoe event at SPNC), February 7/8 (Stomp at SPNC), and February 21/22 (Holiday). Possible dates for the ski and newcomer biathlon clinics include January 3/4 and 10/11, and for races December 20/21 and 27/28, January 24/25, February 14/15 and February 28/March 1, and March 7/8, 21/22, and 28/29.
Some painting got done at a work party at SPAA on July 27. An additional work party is needed to complete the painting and other maintenance tasks. Scheduling a work party at SPNC to level the target line and bring the container down to the parking lot has been challenging due to ongoing forest fires in the area. Bob will ask Mike Power when he could be there with the loader. At BDGC, weeding and preparation of the course and firing line will be needed prior to the race on September 7.
The following old business was discussed:
Bryn cleaned all rifles after the last race. Bob will post a message on the Yahoo site to solicit additional volunteers who will assume the responsibility of upkeep and cleaning of the rifles after races.
Bob will place an order for year-end medals.
A movable target with flags (paddles) and a zero rack is available for off-hand practice at SPAA Rifle Range #1, which will be marked with fifty meter stakes so the target can be easily rolled into place. For use in the prone position, Bob built a platform on steel casters that is slightly larger than a 2 x 1.5 meter biathlon mat. With the smaller side towards the target, it supports a prone shooter with both legs spread out. The platform, which opens at the top, contains an instruction sheet, a range mat, a reset cord reel, paper zero targets, a stapler and staples, foam ear plugs, a wrench for the flags, a wind flag and post, and wedges to keep it from rolling while in use. The practice target will be secured by a combination lock and is available to WBA members who are SPAA members or a guest of an SPAA member who is present.
Bob is also building a rack for storage of the shooting mats at SPNC. The mats will be draped over an arched rack and then covered with a tarp. Without mats, the rack will be 48" high, 35" – 41" wide at the base, and 6' long. It will be mounted on top of two old snowboards for towing using the tow bar Bryn built.
New SPNC, SPAA, and WBA banners will be ordered. Bob got the SPNC graphics from Mike Power. Tom Giboney will send the image of the SPAA logo.
The following new business was discussed:
Bryn connected with Tracey and Lanny Barnes who started a biathlon coaching business (T.O.P. Institute). The sisters have expressed interest in teaching WBA biathletes on snow. Bryn will explore arranging for a training session with the T.O.P. Institute at SPNC this winter.
The WBA has currently 299 fans on Facebook.
The next meeting will be on Tuesday, September 16, at 6:30 PM.
Bob adjourned the meeting at 7:48 pm.