October 30th, 2012 - Annual Membership Meeting

A Winter Board Meeting competition presented by WBA at Issaquah Community Center

Washington Biathlon Association
2012 Annual Membership Meeting
October 30, 2012
Issaquah, WA

The 13th annual membership meeting was called to order at 7:38 pm by President Bob Vallor. Also in attendance were Vice President Jack Whisler, Treasurer Bryn Black, Board Members Mike Kamansky, Brian Palm, Secretary Sibylle Wilbert, and WBA Members Sabine Arnold, Cooper Jackson and his Father, Mike Lunenschloss, Jim Slyfield, and Victor Woo. Athletes Representative Sean Kato attended by phone, and Board Members Cory Hoeger and Dave Shaw were not able to attend.
All were reminded that WBA and USBA memberships are due starting November 1. WBA membership renewals that are received before December 31 will be entered into a drawing for two free races.
All board members present had seen the last meetings minutes. Bob moved to accept the minutes. Jack seconded, all others agreed.
The medals for the summer season were presented. There were 51 competitors in 10 age groups. Bronze was awarded to Jim Slyfield (MM3) and Mark Turner (MM2), silver to Erik Luk (MM2) and Cory Hoeger (MM1), and gold to Sibylle Wilbert (MW3), Bryn Black (MW2), Steve Angell and Dave Shaw (MM3, tied), Laszlo Kolyvek (MM2), Josh Alms (MM1), and Cooper Jackson (Y3M). Appendix 1 shows the 2012 summer seasons point list.
The state of the WBA was reviewed. Multiple race venues are currently at our disposition. During the summer season, these include the Seattle Police Athletic Association (SPAA), Black Diamond Gun Club, and Rattlesnake Shooting Range in the Tri-Cities. Mark Turner generated maps for all. As the SPAA is currently somewhat strapped for cash, the membership fees went up and the signup fee is no longer waived. However, the SPAA allows us to park our container and trailer free of charge. During the winter season, our venues include the Stevens Pass Nordic Center (SPNC), the shooting range in Mazama, and Liberty Bell High School (LBHS) in Winthrop. Mike Power has been working on better accommodating a 50 meter shooting range at SPNC by building a hill for the firing line, clearing brush from the backstop, and extending the ramp off the range. WBA membership has been steady over the past year.
The WBA currently owns nine rifles that are available during competitions or can be rented. All are being outfitted with new harnesses that have thicker bungee cords. The WBA thanks Dave Anana for donating two harnesses as well as an extra rifle stock. The WBA also owns two 80 mm Alpen scopes with interchangeable tripods and eight magnetic boards for zeroing.
The National Biathlon Winter Championships in West Yellowstone were a great success. The Washington team was awarded more medals than teams from any other state. At the event, more magnetic boards would have been helpful to assist racers during a limited zeroing time. To expedite zeroing going forward, Bob built additional magnetic boards. While initially scheduled in Fairbanks, AK, Nationals in the upcoming winter have been moved to Fort Kent, ME, from March 7-10, 2013.

The National Guard is still in the process of rebuilding a biathlon team. A Guard officer found one of their Devin targets at a range in Bellingham. It has been returned to the Guard.
A phenomenal amount of time and work went into troubleshooting and fixing the targets, mainly by Bryn with some help from Josh Alms, Jack Whisler, and Bob Vallor. Bryn disassembled all targets, labeled all moving parts with their weights, built an impact hammer from a prototype provided by Mark Sheppard to test target performance, notched the paddles, and made new hinge pins and new hinge pin retainers. Appendix 2 shows the details of the target testing, fixing, and upgrading. All targets are now operating properly provided they are set up leveled. The Devin paddles that were purchased do not work for our targets and will be returned.

The WBA website is in the process of being upgraded. Mike Kamansky, Greg Daly, and Bob Vallor will meet next month to plan the details.

The WBA equipment needs maintenance and fixing. Work parties will be organized early next year.

A number of people have contributed to the WBA in various ways over the years. In recognition of those who have since retired the WBA will have plaques made. Cory is looking into pricing and options.

This year, the WBA is conducting its elections electronically. To maintain confidentiality, WBA member Victor Woo was appointed and sworn in as Elections Administrator who is responsible for tallying the votes and reporting the results.
The treasurer reported that the WBA was financially in good shape with a net annual income of $1,032.56 and no debt (Appendix 3). The overall income was $13,343 from earned revenues, memberships, and other miscellaneous proceeds. Overall expenses amounted to $12,312.71 due to capital equipment purchases, equipment maintenance and repair, insurance, trail passes, USBA membership dues, and other miscellaneous expenses. The available cash was $3,364.83, and the savings account (aka the Athletes Development Fund) was at $847.20. It was suggested to add liability insurance for officials to the WBA insurance package.
Next, the Elections Administrator presented the results from this years elections for open board positions. Seventeen ballots were received, of which sixteen were valid. Jack Whisler was reelected to Vice President, Bryn Black to Treasurer, Dave Shaw and Brian Palm to Board Positions 2 and 4, and Sean Kato to Athletes Representative. Each candidate was running unopposed and received 16 votes of approval (Appendix 4). One of the voters commented that racing start times are not being adhered to and suggested that people are being assigned specific tasks during setup and breakdown to expedite the process.
The WBA winter season schedule was presented:
December 15 & 16 Comp. #1 & #2 in Mazama (MVB on Saturday, WBA on Sunday)
January 12 Skate Ski Clinic for Newcomers SPNC (set up and practice for members)
January 13 Newcomer Biathlon Clinic
January 26 & 27 Comp. #3 & #4 at SPNC
February 16 & 17 Comp. #5 & #6 at LBHS Winthrop (MVB on Saturday, WBA on Sunday)
February 23 & 24 Comp. #7 & #8 at SPNC
March 16 & 17 Comp. #9 & #10 at SPNC
For the winter seasons points list, two of the ten races will not be counted. Race formats will be posted soon.
Old business:
Some racers had asked about purchasing WBA race suits, tops, or pants. Bob asked that people interested should send him an email. He will post the information for reordering uniforms on the yahoo website.
The board is working on guidelines for biathlon instructors to offer more consistency at newcomer clinics.
New business:
The WBA currently mainly stocks Federal Premium (711B) and Wolf ammunition, which are made available to racers at cost during competitions. SK ammunition has been phased out, some Aguila is still available. The MVB also uses 711B. SPAA will start stocking 711B (although not at a great price). Jim Slyfield mentioned that he can get a case of Aguila for ~$300. In general, the 711B and Wolf work fine.
Equipment needs to be moved from SPAA to SPNC for the winter season. Bob will schedule a date with Mike.
The trailer needs to be rewired. Bob will take it to the shop.
Bob motioned to adjourn the meeting at 8:39 pm. Jack seconded, and all were in favor.