April 22nd, 2014 - Board Meeting

A Winter Board Meeting competition presented by WBA at Private

Washington Biathlon Association
Board of Directors Meeting Minutes
April 22, 2014

The meeting was called to order at 6:36 pm. In attendance were President Bob Vallor, Vice President Jack Whisler, Treasurer Bryn Black, Board Member Cory Hoeger, and Secretary Sibylle Wilbert. Board Member Brian Palm attended by phone. Athletes’ Representative Sean Kato, Board Members Mike Kamansky and Dave Shaw, and website administrator Greg Daly were unable to attend.
All attending had seen the minutes from the last Board Meeting in March. Cory moved to accept the minutes. Jack seconded and all agreed.
No new membership applications were received this month.
The WBA is now banking with HomeStreet bank. As a non-profit client, the WBA received a $50.00 donation in addition to free service on the checking account.
The insurance bill increased to approximately $500 for liability coverage for the year.
Bryn proceeded with the treasury report. The checking account held $1,285.69 and the PayPal account $2,964.82. Bryn will need to spend approximately $575 to make 50 new target flags.
After buying a new batch of 500 gold medal pins, the inventory is now at 525 pins. There are enough silver and bronze medal pins in stock to last through the season.
Despite the unusual weather, the winter season was a great success. Races were well attended and the fun relay competition on the last day was well received. To thank the SPNC staff for their continuous outstanding support, each employee was given a gift certificate.
Sondre Nordberg will be visiting on the weekend of May 31 through June 1 to give a clinic on dry firing and mental training for biathletes. Bryn reserved the range at SPAA and class rooms at SPAA as well as the Tukwila Community Center (TCC) in case the number of participants exceeds 25 (the maximum capacity at SPAA). The TCC has larger class rooms and offers a discount on rent to non-profit organizations.
Bob had a conference call with Ezra Ifie and Josh Barrow who are on a team spearheading the development of biathlon in the National Guard. A Guard biathlon newsletter is being planned. With the increased involvement of the Guard, the WBA may consider amending the by-laws to add a representative of the Guard to the WBA board of directors. Funding for equipment is beginning to come in, but there is no support for training at the moment. Jack moved to offer two free slots in the Sondre Nordberg clinic to Guard members. Following additional discussion, Jack amended the move to offer free participation in the Nordberg clinic to one Guard member and a discount on early registration to all Guards. Bob seconded and all agreed. The WBA is also sponsoring Paul Everett in his notable biathlon career. Jack moved to offer a free slot in the Nordberg clinic to him as well. Bryn seconded and all agreed.
The WBA website needs updating. Bryn will meet with Greg Daly on Thursday to upload new entry forms for upcoming events and learn more about the site’s coding and structure. A results page is needed as well as a page for classified advertisements.
The summer schedule is firming up:
May 3 (mass start) & May 4 (super sprint and mountain bike race) – TCSA-RMSF (Tri-Cities).
May 31 & June 1 – Sondre Nordberg clinic at SPAA and possibly TCC
June 7 – newcomer clinic at SPAA
June 8 – women’s newcomer clinic at SPAA (tentative)
June 21 – race (mass start) at SPAA
July 19 – race (individual) at SPAA (Washington Games VII)
August 16 – race (super sprint) at SPAA
September 7 – race (individual and mountain bike) at the Black Diamond gun club (BDGC)
October, date TBD – race (super sprint) in Eastern WA, potentially at the North Central Washington gun club (NCWGC) in Wenatchee
Several work parties are needed to repair and maintain equipment or prepare the shooting ranges for competitions. Bob will propose some possible dates for work parties at SPAA (equipment maintenance and repair), SPNC (likely in July, leveling the firing line and range), and BDGC (weeding and preparing the firing line).
The following new business was discussed:
The WBA is aiming to provide more live-fire practice opportunities to its members. Following the races in the Tri-Cities on May 8/9, Bob will leave a target at TCSA-RMSF to be used for training by WBA members living in the area. Josh Alms will be in charge of its upkeep. Bob will also meet with SPAA staff to discuss the location and use of the movable target. Likely, it will be available for standing practice starting next week. For prone practice, a properly sized platform will need to be built.
A SPNC banner will be made for display at the winter competitions once Mike provides the graphics. A large WBA banner to attract attention in the SPNC parking will also be made. We will wait until the end of the summer season to place an order, which will give us additional income to cover the cost of $200 to $300 each.
A group at the Spokane Nordic Ski Association is interested in creating a winter biathlon range at Mt. Spokane. John Hatcher (outgoing President), Aaron Scott and Greg Romney, who took the newcomer clinic in January, are some of the drivers. The WBA will support these efforts.
Bob explored the option to host WBA summer races in Yakima. Unfortunately, the cost for using the shooting range exceeds our means. A possible alternative might be available at NCWGC in Wenatchee. Bob is planning on meeting with their staff and touring the facility. TCSA-RMSF in the Tri-Cities is also an option. However, their prices have gone up as well and open dates are sparse in the fall due to the hunting season.
There was no old business to discuss.
The next meeting will be on Tuesday, May 20, at 6:30 PM.
Bob adjourned the meeting at 7:22 pm.