January 14th, 2014 - Board Meeting

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Washington Biathlon Association
Board of Directors Meeting Minutes
January 14, 2014

The meeting was called to order at 6:45 pm. In attendance were President Bob Vallor, Vice President Jack Whisler, Treasurer Bryn Black, and Secretary Sibylle Wilbert. Board Members Mike Kamansky and Brian Palm and Athletesí Representative Sean Kato attended by phone. Board Members Cory Hoeger and Dave Shaw and website administrator Greg Daly were unable to attend.
All attending had seen the minutes from the last Board Meeting in December. Bob moved to accept the minutes. Jack seconded and all agreed.
New membership applications were received from Sean Hartmann, Mark Hill, Cora Reese, Greg Romney, and Brendon Toyama. Bryn moved to accept the applications. Jack seconded and all agreed. Brian Palm submitted an application for a lifetime membership. Bryn moved to accept the application. Bob seconded and all agreed.
Bryn proceeded with the treasury report. The savings and checking accounts held $1,215.62 and the PayPal account $835.51. Pending expenses include two newcomer clinic registration refunds and a $114 insurance bill for the trailer, which is due this month.
Bryn was able to secure 30 vacuum bottles from Stanley as door prizes and Bob received a large package from the USBA containing various giveaways. Sean will ask Mark at Ultratune for donations and Jack will stop by Marmot Mountain Works. The items will be raffled off during the winter season.
Sondre Nordberg has expressed interest in visiting the WBA again this year to give another clinic. He proposes a more extended two-day program with a lecture on dry-firing techniques on the first day, a lecture on mental training on the second day, and significant face time with each student. Bryn will follow up with him to identify a possible date for the clinic in the summer, likely to be held at SPAA. Bob will contact the USBA to discuss the possibility of assistance with getting Sondreís books printed in the US.
The newcomer clinics held on January 11 and 12 were well attended. The ski clinic on Saturday had 21 participants and 3 instructors, Karl, Lara, and Jonathan. The biathlon clinic on Sunday had 22 participants more than 10 instructors. Several factors presented unusual challenges. The weather led to a risk of hypothermia for those who were not adequately equipped with extra clothing and water-repellent shells as well as to a highway closure. In addition, a cross country Olympic qualifier for Juniors was occurring at the same time at SPNC, occupying part of the biathlon range on Saturday. Therefore, the range could not be set up on Saturday and practice for experienced biathletes was cancelled. The range was set up on Sunday morning. Six paddles and a bottle of screws were missing. Mike will be traveling to the Methow next weekend and will check with Betsy whether the missing parts were accidentally shipped to her. He will also attempt to retrieve the butt spacers from a loaned rifle that were left behind.
The roof that had blown off the shed at the range was successfully replaced with major help from Mike Power, Ed Callahan, and Chris and Jim Fletcher. The entire SPNC staff has been extremely supportive, spending significant time to assist us with replacing the roof, preparing the range for the clinic, and ferrying equipment to the range and back. We will buy gift cards for them to express our gratitude.
The first races at SPNC are scheduled for January 25 and 26. Considering the already marginal conditions and no new snow in the forecast, it is unclear at the moment whether these races can be held. Bob will make a decision on January 21. Sean reported that the snow conditions at Liberty Bell High School in Winthrop are sketchy as well. He will check into alternative race venue options if needed.
The WBA website needs more than one person available to post entry forms, race results, and updates. Mike met with Greg Daly and is now able to help with some of the uploading. He needs more training on uploading the results. Brian and Bryn have not yet been trained. Mike has a copy of Gregís spreadsheet for entering race results and will send it to Bob.
Because of the challenging weather conditions last weekend, we have more than 1000 rounds of CCI ammunition left that will be used at the next newcomer clinic. The current stash of ammunition will last through the winter season.
The schedule for the winter 2013/2014 season was reviewed. If there is enough snow, the first competitions will be held January 25/26 at SPNC, followed by competitions on February 8/9 at Liberty Bell High School in Winthrop. The next races are scheduled at SPNC on February 22/23, March 8/9, and March 22. On March 23, the season will conclude with a fun mixed relay (no seasonís points) followed by a raffle and barbecue.
The following new business was discussed:
SPAA has a new sign at its entrance, which will make it easier to find. The facility is currently undergoing personnel changes. Once the changes are complete we will resume efforts to set up the practice target.
The biathlon range at SPNC will need some work in the summer to smooth out the target line and raise the firing line. We will organize a work party.
Aaron Scott is interested in creating a biathlon venue at Mt. Spokane. Greg Romney, who took the newcomer clinic last weekend, has volunteered to help. The WBA will support these efforts.
The Webscore software designer was at SPNC last weekend. He may have a program that can be used for scoring biathlon results. Bob will try to get in touch with him.
Since the practice day for experienced biathletes had to be cancelled, Bob will talk to Mike about finding a new date for it.

The following old business was discussed:
Bob built stands from PVC pipes for the sponsor banners. It would also be nice to display WBA and SPNC banners, which have to be made. Arminda once offered to donate a credit she had at a banner manufacturer. Bob will contact Arminda to find out whether the credit was still available.
Several WBA and Guard members have expressed interest in purchasing new WBA racing suits or vests. Bob will bring the fit kit to the next race, then set a deadline for putting in an order.
The construction of a cart/sled for the new biathlon mats is nearing completion. It still needs a tow bracket.
The drying rack used for the old mats will be converted to a new ski rack.
The next meeting will be on Tuesday, February 25, at 6:30 PM.
Bob adjourned the meeting at 7:44 pm.