October 28th, 2021 - Annual Meeting of the Membership

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Washington Biathlon Association
Annual Membership Meeting
October 28, 2021

The meeting, held by Zoom, was called to order at 6:36 pm. In attendance were President Bob Vallor, Vice President Cory Hoeger, Athletes Representative Kathleen Colvard, Secretary Sibylle Wilbert, and Board Members Sabine Arnold and Brian Palm. Treasurer Bryn Black, Board Members Matt Gallagher and Dave Shaw, and Elections Administrator Ian Gunter were unable to attend. Further in attendance were David Arndt, Vladka Behrova, John Colvard, Judd Lewis, Rick McGuire, Justin Morgan and Jack Whisler.
All attending Board Members had seen the minutes from the last Board meeting in September. Cory moved to accept the minutes. Bob seconded and all agreed.
New membership applications were received from Gary Josephsen, Jonathan Strahl and Emily Stoll. The WBA currently has a total of 51 members, of which 32 are life members.
The Treasurer reported a net income of $1,044.90 for the year 2021 and a balance of $5,406.56. A detailed financial report is attached in Appendix 1.
Bob announced the results from the elections provided by the Elections Administrator. All candidates for the open positions were incumbents and running unopposed. Bob Vallor was reelected as President, Bryn Black as Treasurer, Matt Gallagher as Board Member #1, Sabine Arnold as Board Member #3, and Kathleen Colvard as Athletes’ Representative. Only thirteen votes were cast this year and three anonymous comments were received that will be addressed at the next Board Meeting.
The President gave an overview of the state of the WBA:
- Mike Power retired from the position of Director of SPNC on July 29, 2021. He built the Nordic Center, which opened in 1993, and brought biathlon to SPNC in 1995 via the WA National Guard. In 2000, the WA Biathlon Association hosted the first competitions at SPNC and has done so since for 21 years (except for last year due to COVID restrictions). The President of the US Biathlon Association, Max Cobb, sent a letter of appreciation, as well as the Susan G Komen Foundation who has been holding the Romp to Stomp snowshoeing fundraiser at SPNC every winter.
- The WBA owned an abundance of gear donated by members, including about 25 pairs of used skis with bindings (17 pairs donated by Dave Shaw) and poles in good condition, numerous boxes of new Salomon ski bindings (all pre-ProLink), and some used bindings, which were offered for sale at the LWSC ski swap in Leavenworth on October 3. The WBA made $700 from the sale. Some of the bindings are still available. Future swaps will need donations, which will be stored by Bob.
- Rifle #1 is currently out of commission because its extractor was lost at the race in Winthrop. All other rifles (#2 ‒ #12) are in good condition and ready for winter competitions.

- This summer, it was not possible to hold races at the Cascade Shooting Facilities (CSF) in Ravensdale because the were fully booked. An upswing in new COVID cases was also of concern. On October 16, the WBA hosted their only “summer” race for the season at LBHS in Winthrop. It was a well-received event with good weather. Scott Waichler designed the running and mountain biking courses, which were fun and challenging. Twelve racers participated in the running competition (Individual) and eight in the mountain bike competition.
- This year’s Biathlon Summit will be held at the Securité Gun Club in Woodinville on December 4.
- The racing schedule for the 2022 Winter Season is being finalized. Because the upcoming winter Olympics tend to attract more newcomers an additional Novice Clinic weekend will be offered. Unlike last year, there will be a full race schedule at SPNC, as well as a WBA weekend and the Son-of-a-Gun biathlon in Winthrop.
- The WBA’s current insurance company does no longer serve non-profit organizations. Bryn is investigating new insurance companies. Also, the USBA insurance fees for competition events have gone up because the USBA increased their coverage.
- The WBA has 4359 rounds of ammunition on hand, which is barely enough for this winter’s Novice Clinics. Ammo, such as CCI and Norma, is available on-line at a higher price. Bob moved to buy an additional case of ammo, Kathleen seconded and all agreed. The WBA will continue to sell limited amounts of ammo at cost, which requires an increase in price from $6 to $7 per box of 50 rounds.
- Next summer, the WBA is planning on hosting races at CSF in Ravensdale. The container currently housed at SPAA will need to be moved to CSF.
- Matt Gallagher and Chris Chu have been working with Terry Glaze and Guy Robertson, (Operations and General Managers at the Snoqualmie Nordic ski area) on the possibility of establishing a biathlon venue there. In further discussions with Snoqualmie officers it became apparent that the initially proposed location for the range is logistically not viable because it cannot be accessed easily. The search is on for an alternate venue that can be supported logistically.
This year’s theme of the Annual Membership Meeting was the upcoming winter Olympics. Congratulations to Sabine Arnold who won a set of Olympic coins for the best head dress. All members who had renewed their WBA membership early were entered into a drawing for a free race weekend. Congratulations to the winner, Gene Econ.
The meeting was adjourned at 7:15 pm.

Annual Meeting of the Membership via Zoom