December 11th, 2012 - Board Meeting

A(n) Board Meeting presented by WBA at Private

Washington Biathlon Association
Board of Directors Meeting Minutes
December 11, 2012

The meeting was called to order at 6:44 pm. In attendance were President Bob Vallor, Vice President Jack Whisler, Treasurer Bryn Black, Board Member Cory Hoeger, WBA Member Greg Daly, and Secretary Sibylle Wilbert. Board Member Brian Palm and Athletes' Representative Sean Kato attended by phone. Board Members Mike Kamansky and Dave Shaw were not able to attend.

All attending had seen the last meeting's minutes. Bob moved to accept the minutes with two typos corrected. Cory seconded, all others agreed.

Bryn reported that the club had received a new membership application from Tucker Walker. Sibylle moved to accept the application. Bryn seconded, all others agreed. In addition, applications for membership renewal were received from Josh Alms, Sabine Arnold, Alex Blanton, Greg Daly, Chris Fletcher, Cory Hoeger, Laszlo Kolyvek, Brent Koukol, Rich McClung, David Painter, Brian Palm, Grete Porteous, Aaron Scott, Lori Selby, Carol Stuhley, Joe Stuhley, Mark Turner, John Whisler, Jenna White, Sibylle Wilbert, Victor Woo, and Pamela Wuest.

Bryn proceeded with the treasury report. The checking account held $1,861.29 and the PayPal account $1,559.80. The savings account (aka athletes development fund) stood at $847.35.

Bryn requested permission to buy QuickBooks software for bookkeeping. The cost is approximately $200. Sibylle moved to make the purchase. Bob seconded, all were in favor.

Bob proposed to buy more ammunition in preparation for the upcoming winter races. We currently have approximately 600 rounds available, which will probably be enough for the race in Mazama on December 16. Bob may purchase a brick of Wolf at SPAA before the 16th.

Plans for improving the WBA website were discussed. Mike Kamansky had made a good deal of progress restructuring the website, which was much appreciated. However, due to new job obligations, he will not be able to continue this work. Bob asked Greg Daly whether he would be interested in taking over. Greg confirmed his interest. He proposed to keep the race entry forms and results postings current and the new web design simple for the moment. All present were in agreement with Greg's suggestions. Bob moved to appoint Greg Daly as the new website manager. Jack seconded, all were in favor. Brian volunteered to serve as a backup. Bob, Greg, Mike, and Brian will get together in the next days to discuss the specifics.

The WBA was assigned a new agent by our insurance. Bryn will let her know that we look forward to working together.

The winter season schedule was finalized:
December 15 & 16 - Comp. #1 (sprint) & #2 (modified pursuit) in Mazama (MVB on Saturday, WBA on Sunday)
January 26 & 27 - Comp. #3 (individual) & #4 (sprint) at SPNC
February 16 & 17 - Comp. #5 (mass start) & #6 (super sprint) at LBHS Winthrop (MVB on Saturday, WBA on Sunday)
February 23 & 24 - Comp. #7 (sprint) & #8 (individual) at SPNC
March 16 & 17 - Comp. #9 (mass start) & #10 (super sprint) at SPNC

In preparation for the races at SPNC, targets and other equipment need to be moved from storage at SPAA into the container at the SPNC range. Bob will talk to Mike Power about a date for transporting the equipment from the SPNC parking lot to the range, possibly on January 11.

On January 12 and 13, the WBA will host a skiing and biathlon clinic for newcomers at SPNC. Mike Power will provide the ski instructors for Saturday. There will also be a waxing clinic that day for all interested (at approximately 2:30 PM). Bob will recruit instructors for the Sunday biathlon clinic.

Bryn and Jack presented proposed guidelines for biathlon instructors with the goal to offer a consistent program to all students. The guidelines will be distributed to all board members by email for review and feedback. Bryn will prepare laminated cards with the list of procedures for instructors and a picture of a perfect sight alignment for the students.

Bob is working on a cart on wheels that will hold a target and zero rack for practice at SPAA. Once finished and approved for use at the former archery range by SPAA, it can be rolled out for practice by SPAA members.

So far, two people have shown interest in buying a WBA racing suit or jacket. Sean commented that the quality of the suit is not the best compared to other racing suits. Bob will talk to VOmax to check whether the fabric can be changed. Sean will send Bob an email with the composition of fabrics from the suits he prefers.

New business:
Bob made an out of meeting motion to void all race fees for Bryn this year to thank her for the many hours she donated to fix the WBA targets. All present were in favor.

The WBA loaned five rifles to Jim Slyfield for a biathlon clinic he held. The rifles were returned cleaned, but the nuts of the front sights had been over- tightened. To avoid such problems, it was suggested to not loan rifles to events that are not conducted by the WBA or to ask for a deposit. As the owner of the rifles, the WBA may also be subject to liability. On the other hand, one of the WBA's missions is to promote the sport. Bob will talk to Dave Shaw about possible liability issues and revisit the topic at the next meeting.

The ski coach of the Bush School, Jason Paur, asked whether a separate clinic could be held for a group of his students. If we can find a date, we will offer an extra clinic for a minimum of ten participants who will be asked to pre-register and pre-pay. We will also ask Marla whether she would be interested in participating with some of her Lakeside students.

A raffle was held to draw the winner of two free races from the pool of WBA members who had renewed their annual membership before December 1st (pictures were taken to document the drawing). Congratulations to the winner, Alex Blanton!

The next meeting will be on Tuesday, January 15th, at 6:30 PM.
Bob adjourned the meeting at 7:53 pm.
6:30 pm.