February 7th, 2021 - Sun of a Gun

A Winter Mass Start competition presented by MVB at Liberty Bell HS

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Registration closes on Friday, February 5, 2021 at 8 PM!

Location: Liberty Bell High School/McCabe Ski Trails, 18 Twin Lakes Road, Winthrop, WA

Entry Fees: Juniors (<= 19 yrs) – $20, Adults (20+) – $35

Eligibility: Biathlon is open to all athletes age 9 and over who have completed a US Biathlon certified safety clinic. All competitors must be current members of US Biathlon, Biathlon Canada or purchase a USBA one-day license for $10. For Novice Adults we will pay for the one-day USBA license out of your $35 race fee, and you need only sign the USBA waiver at bib pickup. Competitors in other registration classes must purchase a one-day or annual USBA license directly from USBA.

Race Description The Sun of a Gun is a Mass Start race with four shooting bouts and five laps skiing. Novice and Dev 1&2 ski a short (60 m) penalty loop for each missed shot; other classes ski a 100 m penalty loop. See table below for more race format information. The range and McCabe Trails are adjacent to Liberty Bell High School. Park in the LBHS parking lot and walk or ski 100 m over flat ground to the range and start/finish area. There are no indoor facilities available, but there will be porta potties in the parking lot. The venue does have cellular service. The range currently has 12 shooting points. Ski trails roll and flow through open Ponderosa pine forest and meadows. In addition to the race course routes there is a flat 500 m warm-up loop near the range. As a bonus, the range and trails will be open for official training on Saturday, Feb 6, 12-3 pm. If you wish to participate in the practice session on Saturday, you will need to email the Race Director in advance to reserve a 1-1/2 hour time slot on the range (Caroline Tareski, catgirlski(at)hotmail.com). During your scheduled time you will be the only person using your lane.

Special procedures under COVID: A pre-race check for all attendees at the event will be required. Physical distancing and masking will be utilized at all times with the exception that competitors can take their mask off while zeroing and competing. At all other times, including right up to the race start, and immediately after finishing, racers must put their mask on. Each competitor will have exclusive use of their assigned lane in the range for their zero and for all bouts in their race. After use by a given competitor in zero or race, their mat will be sanitized prior to use by the next racer.

The Sun of Gun will use a Mass Start format modified to meet COVID requirements and the capacity of our range. Up to 10 racers will start at the same time, and up to 12 racers will be competing at the same time. Two waves 1 minute apart may be used to start a registration category. We anticipate there will be 5 blocks of racing: Novice Midgets, Development 1 & 2, Novice Adults, Adult 1, and Adult 2. Parents are encouraged to take part in the Novice Adults race, using their child’s rifle. Novice Adults will shoot on the big targets with a rest if desired. There will be no zero period for Novice Adults.

Please note: All rifles must be in soft or hard cases unless they are on the range or on the athletes back while skiing on the course. No rifles in the school building. Any unattended rifles must be in locked vehicles.

FOR MORE INFORMATION: https://methowvalleynordic.com/event/sun-of-a-gun/

Registration: https://www.webscorer.com/register?raceid=230498

Shooting Bouts: 4 Extra Rounds: 0