June 17th, 2019 - Board Meeting

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Washington Biathlon Association
Board of Directors Meeting
June 17, 2019

The meeting was called to order at 6:37 pm. In attendance were President Bob Vallor, Vice President Jack Whisler, Treasurer Bryn Black, Board Members Sabine Arnold and Dave Shaw, Athletes Representative Rich McClung, and Secretary Sibylle Wilbert. Board Members Cory Hoeger and Brian Palm were unable to attend.
All attending had seen the minutes from the last Board Meeting in December. The start time of the meeting was erroneously recorded as 1:40 PM and corrected to 6:40 PM. Bob moved to accept the minutes. Jack seconded and all agreed.

Thirteen requests for renewals and two applications for new memberships were received since the last Board Meeting. The new applicants are Benita Peiffer and Eva Weymuller. Bryn moved to accept the new applications. Dave seconded, and all were in favor.

The Treasurer reported a balance of $7,431.64 in savings.

SPAA has decided to keep the rifle range #1, which is adjacent to the range in use by biathletes, open during competitions. Bob will follow up with the SPAA Board on this matter.
The WBA printer had defective cartridges. Bob replaced the cartridges at a cost of ~$300 and the printer is working again.
Bob’s truck is shorting out when hauling the WBA trailer. Bob will take the trailer into the shop to get the wiring repaired. Bob also replaced the entire deck of the trailer with new boards.
The Methow Valley Biathlon Association has eight targets that belong to the WBA. Bob will move them to his house for repairs and sandblasting. The targets may be needed for training and may not go back to the Methow.

The summer newcomer clinic was well received, but had a low turnout. Only one day filled up.
Bob and Bryn cannot be at the upcoming cross country and mountain bike competitions on June 23rd at SPAA, but will be available for setup and registration. Jack will be Chief of Range on June 23rd or delegate as needed. Joanne Angel will take care of timing. Two additional races are scheduled at SPAA so far this summer; a cross and mountain bike super sprint on July 21st and a cross and mountain bike mass start on August 18th.

Last year’s biathlon summit was a success and will be continued. The previous venue was good, and the former bingo hall at SPAA is also under consideration. In preparation for the upcoming winter season, November appears to be an appropriate time for this meeting.

A tentative 2019-2020 winter schedule was discussed:
- January 4/5, SPNC, races 1&2
- January 13-17, World Masters in Seefeld, Austria
- February 1/2 SPNC, newcomer clinic
- February 22/23, SPNC, races 3&4
- March 7/8, SPNC, races 5&6
Bob witnessed a “try biathlon” event in the Methow. Each student had twenty rounds, ten that were fired from a prone block for practice and ten for a short race afterwards. Practice time was about ten minutes with basic instructions provided. The cost was $25 per person, not including trail passes. The WBA is considering hosting a similar event.

Old business:
 The WBA is looking for a new election administrator. Candidates under consideration are Kathleen Colvard, with John Colvard or Martha Bellisle as possible backups. Bob will contact Kathleen.
 Stevens Pass is now under new ownership and their banner shop is no longer available. A new source for additional WBA, SPAA, and SPNC banners will need to be found.
 Izhmash 7-3 rifles have rails that only extend half-way down the stock and the hand stop cannot be moved sufficiently to fit smaller people. Bob purchased rails from Rockler's Woodworking Supply that need to be cut to size. Bob will retrofit the rifles with rails that will be 9” long.
New business:
 Bob modified the rifle racks to better fit the hooks on the lower board.
 Jim Stefanoff emailed Bob about plans to set up a new biathlon venue in Priest Lake, Idaho. They are looking for a letter of support. Bob will write the letter.
 Bryn got a thank you card for the Seattle Swix representative Laurence Jobe, who donated a number of nice raffle prizes to the WBA.
 With increasing numbers of competitors, Jack suggested to add two additional rifle racks to the winter range for a total of six. Bob will modify additional racks to add to the existing ones.
The next meeting was set for Thursday, July 23, 6:30 PM at Bryn’s.
The President adjourned the meeting at 7:43 PM.