July 23rd, 2019 - Board Meeting

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Washington Biathlon Association
Board of Directors Meeting
July 23, 2019

The meeting was called to order at 6:36 pm. In attendance were President Bob Vallor, Treasurer Bryn Black, Athletes Representative Rich McClung, and Secretary Sibylle Wilbert. Board Members Cory Hoeger and Brian Palm attended by phone. Vice President Jack Whisler and Board Members Sabine Arnold and Dave Shaw were unable to attend.
All attending had seen the minutes from the last Board Meeting in December. Bob moved to accept the minutes. Bryn seconded and all agreed.

No new membership applications were received since the last Board meeting.

The Treasurer reported a balance of $1,589.40 in savings. Bob had receipts for trailer decking and paint.

Rob Whitten, the program director of the Plain Valley Nordic Team (PVNT), is interested in introducing his female students to biathlon. A free biathlon clinic will be held for up to ten girls, age 10 to 15, on Friday, August 23, at SPNC or Meadow Creek with all women instructors. PVNT will provide a van for transport. The event will be run like a newcomer clinic. Bella, Bryn, Sabine, and Sibylle will be instructing. Bob will teach the safety class at his house, and Jack and Gene will assist with range setup. The club has approximately 3000 rounds of ammo in stock, which will be enough for the clinic.
Rifle range #1 at SPAA, which is adjacent to the range in use by biathletes, is being kept open for customers during biathlon competitions this season. It is difficult for organizers and competitors to have a race while loud guns are being fired. In addition, the race course can no longer travel behind rifle range #1 for safety reasons and had to be shortened. Bob sent a letter to the SPAA Board outlining these issues. SPAA Board Members discussed the matter and suggested that the WBA rents rifle range #1 for a fee of $500 on race days or holds races in the evening after rifle range #1 closes. SPAA also complained that the WBA had not provided the proper paperwork for waivers in the June race. However, Bryn had provided all the necessary paperwork, although had to use the release portion of the SPAA membership form because the correct form was unavailable in the office.
Given the uncertain future at SPAA, the WBA will be looking for alternate summer venues and possibly a new location for the storage container.
- Bryn suggested exploring the Interlake Sporting Association in Kirkland. The club is welcoming and the venue has space for eight lanes, wooded hilly trails, and a club house with a class room. Parking is limited, but there are parking spaces outside the range. The facility could also be used for “Try Biathlon” events. Club membership will be required. Bob will write a letter to Board Member Sue Long to introduce biathlon and initiate a partnership.
- Gene will explore options at the Cascade Shooting Facilities in Ravensdale, which have one deep range and a variety of race course options.
- The Gun Club in Black Diamond is now using the lower range more frequently and it might be difficult to find an available weekend. Brian will look into their schedule.
Bob replaced the entire deck of the trailer with new boards and will add additional screws. Rotting stake walls were also replaced and need painting. Wiring repair will cost $100 to $200. Bob suggests storing the trailer at his house in Plain to slow down rot formation.
Bob found that a belt sander can remove old paint from a target within 15 to 20 minutes. Belt sanding seems adequately efficient and is more cost effective than sandblasting. Bob finished five targets so far and has two more to go. This month, Bob will pick up the eight targets that had been loaned to the Methow Valley Biathlon Association to take them to his house for maintenance. Scott Waichler will meet him in the Methow to help with loading.

Last year’s biathlon summit was a success and will be continued this year, likely sometime in November. Mark Waechter, owner of Nordic Ultratune, may teach the waxing clinic and talk about equipment.

A tentative 2019-2020 winter schedule was discussed:
- January 4/5, SPNC, races #1
- January 13-17, World Masters in Seefeld, Austria
- February 1/2 SPNC, newcomer clinic
- February 22/23, SPNC, races #3
- March 7/8, SPNC, races #5
- March 18-22 or March 25-29, World Masters Biathlon, Kontiolathi, Finland
- March 27-29, US Biathlon Nationals, West Yellowstone
- April 11/12, SPNC, race #7 and relay with picnic

The Nordic Center in Priest Lake, Idaho, is working on adding a biathlon range to their resort in 2020. They have three venues and obtained a grant for grooming. For now, Rob Rosser is advising. Bob sent a letter of support. Jim Stefanoff is the WBA contact and will keep Bob in the loop.
The shed attached to the container at the SPNC range has taken a few bullet holes and had two split beams. It has been taken down and will be rebuilt with a higher roof that runs to the top of the container so it will be possible to stand up in it. Three 12’ 4x4s, one 10’ 4x4, and plywood sheathing will need to be purchased.

Old business:
 All rifle racks have been refitted to a flat butt stock support, but still need to be painted. Each rack holds nine rifles. There are ten racks in the inventory. Five will be in use in the summer and six in the winter.
 Izhmash 7-3 rifles have rails that only extend half-way down the stock and the hand stop cannot be moved sufficiently to fit smaller people. Bob purchased rails from Rockler's Woodworking Supply that need to be cut to size. Bob will retrofit the rifles with rails that will be 9” long and plans to be done by the PVNT girls clinic on August 23.
 Bob will have WBA pins made to give to racers in Seefeld. Bob is also looking into borrowing Stevens Pass warming jackets with the Stevens Pass logo on the back for use by WBA racers in Seefeld.
New business:
 A number of WBA members have asked about renting a club rifle and Bryn asked for clarification on the current law regarding rifle rentals. In the past, the WBA rented club rifles for $50 per month with returns required on race days. Now a transfer is only possible after a background check. Bob will ask Jerry Liu, who has a Federal Firearms License, whether he can do the background checks for the WBA and what it would cost.
 Cory asked whether adjustable stocks would be useful for the 7-3 Izhmash rifles. We will reevaluate this option if needed after trying the longer handrails.
 Bryn is looking for a Board Member to keep a spare key for the WBA mail box. She will ask Sabine who lives close.
The next meeting was set for Tuesday, August 27, 6:30 PM at Bryn’s.
The President adjourned the meeting at 7:45 PM.