September 6th, 2018 - Board Meeting

A Winter Board Meeting competition presented by WBA at Other

The meeting was called to order at 6:36 pm. In attendance were President Bob Vallor, Vice President Jack Whisler, Treasurer Bryn Black, Athletes Rep Rich McClung and Board members Brian Palm, Cory Hoeger, Dave Shaw and Sabine Arnold. Secretary Sibylle Wilbert was out-of-state on business.

The last meeting minutes, May, 2018 were discussed. No one had any changes or issues. Bob moved to accept them and Brian seconded. The minutes were accepted.

Bryn Black reported no new memberships had been received.

Bryn Black reported approximately $2500 in WBA bank accounts. $540.53 in PayPal and $1994.63 in savings. The only major upcoming expenditure will be insurance, due in December. Membership renewals and upcoming events will offset that.

It was settled that the Alibi Room in Greenwood would once again be the site of the Annual Membership Meeting. October 23, 24 or 25 would be the meeting date. Bryn will check with the Alibi Room to see which date fits.

Bob Discussed the annual elections and the opening of the Board position nominating period that commences with this meeting. For this year the positions of Vice President, Treasurer, Athletes Representative and Board Positions 2 and 4 are up for election. All are for terms of two years except Athletes Rep with is elected annually. A meeting will be scheduled for October 6th or 7th at the final summer biathlon competition to close the nomination period. Bob reported that Victor Woo will once again act as Election Administrator. After some discussion, an assessment of the incumbent’s interest in reelection and questions about attending meeting by phone Bob started the nomination season off:
Bob nominated and Bryn seconded Jack Whisler for Vice President
Bob nominated and Sabine seconded Bryn Black for Treasurer
Bryn nominated and Cory seconded Brian Palm for Board Position #4
Sabine nominated and Bob seconded Dave Shaw for Board Position #2
Bob nominated and Bryn seconded Rich McClung for Athletes Representative.

Bob reported that in the next month or so he will close down the WBA storage locker in Dryden, moving the remaining WBA property to his home in Plain. Bryn asked if Bob would charge the WBA for storage. He declined, noting the WBA was never charged for things at his previous home.

There was a discussion of the rest of summer 2018. Bob noted there were only three events in 2017 and only three are scheduled this year. Loss of venues and SPAA being closed all of June were noted as the reasons as were eastern Washington forest fires that precluded any summer races at Stevens Pass. Bob noted that he will look at a 2019 SPNC summer race in May or June 2019, before the fire season.

Bryn presented her ideas on a non-shooting “all things Biathlon” clinic in November. It was proposed as a one day event, 9:00 am to 3:00 pm or 10:00 am to 4:00 pm. Venues discussed were the SPAA Pavilion or Canvas, a business in Seattle. The plan was for classes in Rifle Cleaning, Ski Waxing, Shooting Positions, Dry Firing, Rifle Fit and Biathlon Etiquette. Bryn is working out the details and location and will report via e-mail. Bryn asked Bob to cover etiquette. Bob asked Brian to cover Ski Waxing. Bob suggested Dave Anana to cover or help with Rifle Fit. More later.

The Board discussed the coming winter Biathlon season and potential competition dates. Bob noted that the Western U.S. Championship will be in West Yellowstone, MT and Marc Sheppard had asked for western club to try not to conflict with them. They are set for January 26th and 27th, a normal competition weekend for the WBA. After discussion the following schedule was settled on, pending SPNC approval:
January 5th and 6th – Newcomer Clinics
January 12th and 13th – Race weekend #1
February 2nd and 3rd – Race weekend #2
February 23rd and 24th – Race weekend #3
March 9th and 10th – Race weekend #4
(World Masters Biathlon – Finland – March 20 to 24)
(U.S. Nationals-New England-March after world masters)
(Casper Wyoming Biathlon Competitions April 4 to 7)
April 13th and 14th – Race weekend #5 and end-of-season picnic

Getting the schedule out as early as possible was discussed. Bob said he would try to get approval from Mike Power at SPNC quickly. Definitely before the annual meeting.

The Board discussed the 10 WBA targets loaned to MVB. Bob said he would talk to Betsy Devin-Smith about more competitions in Winthrop. For now they only use the targets for practice. MVB did get NRA Foundation grant funding for lead traps.

Old Business: Bryn ask about getting new, updated banners. Bob said he would contact the Stevens Pass sign shop, referred by Mike Power, to see if they could produce WBA and SPNC banners for use that the range.

New Business: Bob reported that when finances get better, the WBA’s 8x18 flatbed trailer needs new deck boards. These are 2x6 boards and several have rotted out. They are doing better with the trailer being stored in eastern Washington but at least two board have rotted through. 2x6x8’ board will be needed along with attaching hardware.

The next meeting, a low priority one, was set for October 6th or 7th at the last summer competition. This meeting will end the Board nomination period.

The meeting adjourned at 7:29 pm.