October 25th, 2016 - WBA Annual Meeting and Party

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Washington Biathlon Association
2016 Annual Membership Meeting
October 25, 2016

The 16th annual membership meeting was called to order at 7:46 PM by President Bob Vallor. Also in attendance were Vice President Jack Whisler, Treasurer Bryn Black, Secretary Sibylle Wilbert, Board Member Cory Hoeger, Elections Administrator Victor Woo as well as several WBA members with friends and family. Athletes’ Representative Sabine Arnold and Board Members Brian Palm and Dave Shaw were not able to attend.
The Elections Administrator presented the results from this year's Board elections. Positions to be filled included the Vice President, Treasurer, Board Positions #2 and #4, and the Athletes’ Representative. Each position had one candidate and all were incumbents. Thirty-three out of 73 eligible voters (45%) submitted valid ballots. Each of the incumbents was reelected: Jack Whisler for Vice President, Bryn Black for Treasurer, and Dave Shaw and Brian Palm for Board Positions #2 and #4, and Sabine Arnold for Athletes' Representative. No comments were received.
All Board members present had seen the last meeting’s minutes. Cory moved to accept the minutes. Jack seconded the motion and all were in favor.
There were no new membership applications. New applications and renewals are expected to arrive after the Annual Board Meeting.
The Treasurer reported that the WBA had available cash of $3,653.46 and no debt. The annual revenues were $11,862.16 from earned revenues, membership dues, donations, and other miscellaneous proceeds. Expenses of $11,024.82 were due to capital equipment purchases, equipment maintenance and repair, insurance, and other business expenses.
The President reviewed the state of the WBA. The WBA held nine races last winter and four races in the summer, which included cross country running and biking. The summer season will conclude with a fifth race on November 13th at the NCWGC in East Wenatchee. The 2016 results and season points list can be viewed on the WBA website at http://www.wabiathlon.org/?results. The WBA offered several training opportunities last winter and summer for novices and experienced biathletes.
USBA and WBA membership renewals are due at this time (forms are available on each Association's website).
The USBA appointed former Olympian Glenn Jobe as regional representative. Glenn is based in North Lake Tahoe.
The WBA Board has a vacancy. Possible candidates will be discussed at the next meeting.
The WBA is looking for sponsors and is currently working with WL Gore on sponsorship options.
The USBA is being asked to allow Masters attending World Masters competitions to buy a national team uniform. Glenn Jobe supports the idea and recommends the 2014-2015 US biathlon uniform used at the Olympics in Sochi. In addition, Sabine is exploring options for having new WBA uniforms made. Of the companies she looked into, Craft had the best selection and choices. A few uniforms with current design are still available in large sizes. They will be for sale at a low price.
New storage space for WBA equipment was rented near Leavenworth.
Targets have been kept in good shape during the year.
An additional rifle was purchased, bringing the total number of the WBA-owned Izhmash rifles to 12. Rifles can be used for practice and during competitions by WBA members.
Enough ammunition is in stock to cover immediate needs for training and racing.
With Grete’s and Sabine’s help, the first aid kit is being expanded and updated.
Plans for a biathlon range at Mt. Bachelor are being revisited after an initial proposal fell through. Bob and Dan Simoneau are working with Glenn Jobe to review options.
Based on an initiative by parents who’s kids had been introduced to biathlon by the Methow Valley Biathlon club, WA State Parks (WSP) are planning to build a new 30-point biathlon range with a stadium, lodge, and parking at the Mt. Spokane Cross Country Ski Park. Developers John Morton and associates made a site visit at Mt. Spokane on September 19–21 to map the trails and examine the design options for the site. Bob was also present for this visit and serves as Committee member. The facility is expected to be completed in 2018–2019 and will have the potential to host major competitions.
The Seattle Police Athletic Association (SPAA) has a new supervisor who is familiarizing himself with WBA activities on site. Scheduling summer races at SPAA will begin early in 2017.
The Seattle National Guard Armory has a double-size gymnasium with a roll-up door and a bathroom next to it that may be available for dry firing practice and ski waxing demos. Bob is working with Sgt. Yeaple and Sgt. Huddleston to obtain permission to use the facility.
The 2017 winter SPNC race schedule looks as follows:
Jan 7 & 8 - Biathlon clinics
Jan 21 & 22 - Race weekend #1
Feb 11 & 12 - Race weekend #2
Feb 25 & 26 - Race weekend #3
March 11 & 12 - Race weekend #4
April 8 & 9 - Race weekend #5 (race on April 9 is a no-points mixed relay followed by a picnic)
A lightly used Izhmash 7-4 rifle is for sale for $2,000 and will be listed in the next days.
Larissa Nakatsu, who came back for more racing after being introduced to biathlon under the worst possible weather conditions, was named Rookie of the Year.
The President adjourned the meeting at 8:06 pm.