December 13th, 2016 - WBA Board Meeting

A(n) Board Meeting presented by WBA at Private

Washington Biathlon Association
Board of Directors Meeting
December 13, 2016

The meeting was called to order at 7:38 pm. In attendance were President Bob Vallor, Vice President Jack Whisler, Treasurer Bryn Black, Athletesí Representative Sabine Arnold, and Secretary Sibylle Wilbert. Board Member Cory Hoeger and WBA Member Andre Tiffany attended by phone while Board Members Brian Palm and Dave Shaw were unable to attend.
All attending had seen the minutes from the Annual Membership Meeting in October. Jack moved to accept the minutes. Bob seconded and all agreed.
New membership applications were submitted by Evan Dean, Michael Fishman, and Callie Lancaster. In addition, Josh Alms applied for a Life Membership. Bryn moved to accept all applications. Jack seconded and all agreed.
To fill the currently vacant Board position #3, Bob nominated Sabine Arnold for the position. Bryn seconded and all agreed. Bob further nominated Rich McClung as the new Athletesí Representative. Bryn seconded and all agreed. Bob also moved to extend a Life Membership to both Mike Power and Ed Callaghan. Sibylle seconded and all agreed.
Aaron Scott was the winner of a drawing for a free race weekend at SPNC (or two summer races) from the pool of all current WBA members.
The Treasurer reported that the WBA had available cash of $7,255.80 ($3,349.97 in the Checking account and $3,905.83 in the PayPal account). A payment of approximately $1,600 will be due this month to cover insurance. Funds for door prizes also have been set aside (Bob will purchase three rifle bags).
Board Member Andre Tiffany is a professional marketer for the Gore-Tex brand and has offered his assistance with identifying sponsors for the WBA. He has spoken to several vendors including Madshus, NUUN, and Nikwax; all agreed to donate door prizes. In addition, Andre will explore options for making Gore office space available for WBA meetings or training. He also indicated plans for sponsoring a dinner. He encouraged the WBA to define a sponsorship goal or objective to work towards, such as for example the purchase of a super boggan.
USBA Representative Glenn Jobe and the USBA Board support the idea of providing a national uniform to Masters for international competitions. Glenn recommends the 2014-2015 US biathlon uniform used at the Olympics in Sochi, which would be available for purchase from the USBA.
The final summer race at NCWGC in East Wenatchee was well received. It is a fun venue with a classroom, bathroom, and storage space. Mark Turner will prepare running and biking trail maps for the site. The NCWGC is very supportive of WBA activities and Bob has joined as a member. Since it has an active air rifle program for kids, an additional summer newcomer clinic could be held there. Options will be discussed at future meetings.
Efforts to be granted access to the Seattle National Guard Armory for dry firing practice and ski waxing demos are ongoing. Scheduling a meeting with Sgt. Yeaple and Sgt. Huddleston at the same time to obtain permission to use the facility has been difficult.
Both newcomer clinics on January 7 and 8 are full. Available biathlon instructors include Bryn Black, Sabine Arnold, Josh Alms, Gene Econ, Cory Hoeger, Martha Bellisle, Grete Porteous (Saturday only), possibly Chris Fletcher, Jack Whisler, Sibylle Wilbert, and Andre Tiffany. Bob will ask Tom Davies as well. Christin Vallor has volunteered as a ski instructor and Mike Power will provide additional ski instructors.
The 2017 SPNC winter schedule is set for the following dates and race forms have been uploaded:
Jan 21 & 22 - Race weekend #1
Feb 11 & 12 - Race weekend #2
Feb 25 & 26 - Race weekend #3
March 11 & 12 - Race weekend #4
April 8 & 9 - Race weekend #5 (race on April 9 is a no-points mixed relay followed by a picnic)
Sabine outlined a proposal for having new WBA uniforms made. Of the companies she looked into, Craft had the best selection (three styles of two-piece race suits as well as custom vests and jackets). On the other hand, Crew appeared to be most flexible in the purchase of individual pieces. Sabine created several design options, which will be posted for input by members.
New business:
If it has not sold already, a left-handed Izhmash rifle may be posted for sale (asking price $1,035).
The WBA PO box was transferred from Issaquah to the North Seattle post office on 929 N 145th Street. Bryn has the main key, and Sibylle and Jack have a spare key.
Bryn shared that the Mountaineers Lodge near Stevens Pass offers a 20% discount on their lodging to WBA volunteers.
The Board agreed to move the start time of future meetings back to 6:30 PM.

The next meeting is on Tuesday, January 10, at 6:30 PM at Brynís.
The President adjourned the meeting at 8:30 PM.