June 28th, 2016 - Board Meeting

A Winter Board Meeting competition presented by WBA at Private

The meeting was called to order at 6:43 pm. In attendance were President Bob Vallor, Treasurer Bryn Black, Board Member Cory Hoeger, and Secretary Sibylle Wilbert. Vice President Jack Whisler and Board Members Brian Palm attended by phone while Board Member Dave Shaw and Athletes’ Representative Sabine Arnold were unable to attend.
All attending had seen the minutes from the last meeting in May. Bryn moved to accept the minutes. Bob seconded and all agreed.
There were no new membership applications this month.
The Treasurer reported that the WBA had available cash of $4,541.10 ($2,038.51 in the Checking account and $2,502.59 in the PayPal account). The annual insurance payment of $250.00 will be due in June.
The first two races of the summer season were held, for the first time, at the North Central Washington Gun Club (NCWGC) in East Wenatchee on June 24 (mass start) and 25 (super sprint and mountain bike race). Attendance was relatively low with 12 competitors on Saturday and 13 on Sunday, but several new racers from the Wenatchee area participated. Racing conditions were very nice at this venue with a covered range easily accessible by car, a marked 50 m line on the range, a class room and bathrooms nearby, a terrain that can be used for running and mountain biking (mostly flat), and storage for the targets. Slightly challenging was the 1-5” gravel surface in front of the range, which caused a couple of minor spills. Several members of the local running club had expressed interest in summer biathlon but had a conflict on June 24/25. The next biathlon races at NCWGC will be held in fall, likely October, offering another opportunity for local newcomers to explore biathlon. If the NCWGC will be used regularly for biathlon in the future, a rolling target could be placed there for practice.
Storage for such a target is nearby.

The targets used for the NCWGC races had been on loan to the Methow Valley Biathlon Club (MVBC) over the winter and were overall in good condition, although a bit sticky as they were kept outside under a bag. One of the bar springs had fallen off but a replacement spring is on hand. A few of the reels had been smashed and needed to be replaced, and several paddles needed fixing. The MVBC may want to borrow the targets again in the following winter.
Plans for a new biathlon facility at Mt. Spokane are taking shape. State Parks approved funding for a 30 point range as part of a major upgrade to the existing Nordic ski area. If built as currently planned, this new range has the potential to host major competitions.
It was found that the hand stop of club rifle #1 had a stripped threading. Bob will fix it. One of the rifles had jammed sights that could no longer be adjusted. These are now functional again. Rifles were also renumbered; rifles #1-10 are now all right-handed (#1-6 are the larger 7 4s and #7-10 are 7-3s). Rifles #11 (7-3) and #12 (7-4) are left handed. The rifle use sheets are up to date.
Four boxes of ammunition were sold at the races at NCWGC. After the Newcomer Clinics and NCWGC races, the current inventory is approximately 3,950 rounds of Federal 711B and 2,500 rounds of Aguila, which is expected to cover the remaining needs for the summer. If necessary, a case of each can be purchased for $500 or less at Gunbroker.com or SPAA, respectively.
The upcoming 2016 summer schedule looks as follows:
• The third race of the season is planned at SPAA for July 17 (individual) with a setup and practice day on July 16.
• The fourth race will be held at SPAA on August 21 (super sprint) with a setup and practice day on August 20.
• The fifth race will be held on September 18, likely at BDGC (Brian to confirm), with a setup and practice day on September 17.
• Dates and venues for races in October are still under discussion. Options are being explored with BDGC, NCWGC, and SPAA for October 8/9, 21/22, or 28/29.
On April 27, Bob visited the Seattle National Guard Armory to explore the possibility of using this facility for dry firing practice and ski waxing demos. A double-size gymnasium with a roll-up door and a bathroom next to it may be available. A new Sergeant responsible for logistics is taking office at the Armory. Bob is working on a meeting with him to ask for his approval.
Old business:
Bob will likely travel to Mt. Bachelor around August 10 to pick up the biathlon targets that had been left behind for the National Guard.
Bryn refunded Tom Davies who overpaid for competing in the NCWGC races.
New business:
Work parties will be needed to paint targets and rifle rack, repair gear, and to clean the club rifles. These could be combined with setup days on race weekends.
As several competitors have injuries that prevent them from running, some only participate in the mountain bike races. Bryn suggested that a race fee is being charged per day, irrespective of the number of events competitors participate in.
The date for the next meeting is pending.
The President adjourned the meeting at 7:24 pm.