May 31st, 2016 - Board Meeting

A Winter Board Meeting competition presented by WBA at Private

The meeting was called to order at 6:39 pm. In attendance were President Bob Vallor, Treasurer Bryn Black, Board Member Cory Hoeger, and Secretary Sibylle Wilbert. Vice President Jack Whisler and Board Members Brian Palm attended by phone while Board Member Dave Shaw and Athletes’ Representative Sabine Arnold were unable to attend.
All attending had seen the minutes from the last meeting in April. Bob moved to accept the minutes. Cory seconded and all agreed.
There were no new membership applications this month.
The Treasurer reported that the WBA had available cash of $4,232.51 ($2,506.17 in the Checking account and $1,726.34 in the PayPal account).
The current inventory of ammunition is approximately 9,250 total rounds (3,950 rounds of Federal 711B and 5,300 rounds of Aguila), which more than covers the estimated need for the newcomer clinics. If necessary, a case of each can be purchased for $500 or less at or SPAA, respectively.
The 2016 summer schedule continues to take shape:
• Two newcomer clinics will be held at SPAA on June 4 and 5. So far, 8 registrations have been received for Saturday and 12 for Sunday. There are enough instructors to cover the clinics.
• The first two races of the summer season will be held at the North Central Washington Gun Club (NCWGC) in East Wenatchee on June 24 (mass start) and 25 (super sprint as well as a mountain bike race). A set of 10 WBA targets and accessories, which has been on loan to the Methow Valley Biathlon Club, will be picked up and brought back to Wenatchee by Travis Fox to set up for these races. All other gear needed will be hauled to NCWGC from SPAA.
• The third race is planned at SPAA for July 17 (individual) with a setup and practice day on July 16.
• The fourth race will be held at SPAA or at the BDGC in Black Diamond, possibly on August 20/21 or 27/28. The BDGC’s Board of Directors is meeting on June 7 and Brian and Bob might attend if possible.
• Dates and venues for races in September and October are still under discussion. Options are being explored with BDGC, NCWGC, and SPAA.
WBA member Andre Tiffany works for GoreTex and has offered sponsorship advice through his employer. A benefit to GoreTex would be the display of their logo or products in race and group photos. Bob will contact Andre to discuss the details.
On April 27, Bob visited the Seattle National Guard Armory to explore the possibility of using this facility for dry firing practice and ski waxing demos. A double-size gymnasium with a roll-up door and a bathroom next to it may be available. A new Sergeant responsible for logistics is taking office at the Armory. Bob will meet with him to ask for his approval.
Old business:
The order from Leki in Germany has been received and most items have been delivered. The remaining items will be distributed to their owners at the next opportunity.
Several new banners will be made for the next winter season. Bob will look into placing an order.
Bob received a call from Dan Simoneau, Program Director of the Mt. Bachelor Sports Education Foundation. Dan thanked Bob for putting up the biathlon clinic and leaving some WBA targets behind for the National Guard. Dan is still looking for volunteers to help reestablish biathlon at Mt. Bachelor. Bob will likely travel to Mt. Bachelor in June again to pick up the targets.
New business:
Bryn obtained permission from Sondre to make laminated posters of shooting positions copied from his dry firing book that can be used during training and clinics. Bob moved to budget $400 for having the posters made. Cory seconded and all were in favor.
Bob found a manual on how to disassemble an Izhmash bolt.
The USBA has assigned former Olympian biathlete Glenn Jobe from Tahoe as a regional representative. Glenn will be visiting sometime this summer.
The SPAA Board of Directors decided that eye protection is now required when using biathlon rifles. The BDGC and NCWGC do not currently require eye protection.
The number of WBA followers on FaceBook has risen to 398.
The next meeting was scheduled for June 28, 2016, at 6:30 PM at Bryn’s.
The President adjourned the meeting at 7:05 pm.