February 23rd, 2016 - Board Meeting

A Winter Board Meeting competition presented by WBA at Private

The meeting was called to order at 6:35 pm. In attendance were President Bob Vallor, Vice President Jack Whisler, Treasurer Bryn Black, Athletesí Representative Sabine Arnold, Board Members Cory Hoeger and Dave Shaw, and Secretary Sibylle Wilbert. Board Member Brian Palm attended by phone. Website administrator Greg Daly was unable to attend.
All attending had seen the minutes from the last meeting in January. Cory moved to accept the minutes. Bryn seconded and all agreed.
Mike Kamansky has submitted his resignation from the Board. Possible candidates to replace Mike will be discussed at the next meeting.
Introducing a registration deadline using Webscorer has made race administration easier. Bob is now able to prepare the start list in the evening before the race weekend, which allows for an expeditious start and wrap-up of the competitions.
There were no new membership applications this month.
The Treasurer reported that the WBA had available cash of $5,648.22 and $595.00 in the Athletes Development Fund (ADF). A donation of $425 was paid out from the ADF last month to support Paul Everett. Bryn will write a check of $250 from the available ADF funds to support Casey Smith.
Due to drainage problems, the range that houses the movable practice target at SPAA is swampy. Strong wheels will be welded onto the target to help move it on soft ground.
Support from SPNC has been essential to hosting races at Stevens Pass. The WBA proposed to help SPNC with moving equipment and providing supplies or making repairs. However, the structure of the Stevens Pass administration does not allow for contributions. To show our appreciation for SPNC, the WBA will invite Stevens Pass corporate representatives to witness some of the next biathlon races.
Rob Whitman has a group of local kids on a Nordic team in Plain who is interested in biathlon. Bob offered to provide a clinic but Rob has not yet responded.
Bob and Dan Simoneau, former Olympian and Nordic coach at the Mount Bachelor Ski Education Foundation (MBSEF), are discussing a possible biathlon clinic for kids at the Mount Bachelor Nordic Center on the weekend of April 9/10.
Some of the WBA equipment has been improved or replaced:
A laser printer that can print on write-in-the-rain paper was bought and configured for wireless printing.
Two new stop watches were bought for a total of five, which will facilitate recording start and finish times simultaneously.
Two additional rifle racks were brought up to the range at SPNC, for a total of five. To help racers find their spot more easily after removing their rifles from the rack, each rack will be marked with a letter and each slot with a number. One of the racks will be reserved for left-handed rifles to prevent harnesses from getting entangled.
The number of targets at SPNC, including related gear, was increased from ten to twelve to better accommodate the growing number of competitors.
The WBA received over 10 rolls of netted fencing from the Stevens Pass Ski Patrol and the Mountain Bike Park. The fencing can be used to mark spectator areas and sections of the course and penalty loop.
Bryn created a laminated miniature check list for WBA Izhmash rifle parts including instructions for zeroing that can be used at the range.
Scheduling of 2016 summer competitions is ongoing. Bob is working with Travis Fox on organizing cross-country running and possibly biking races at the East Wenatchee Shooting Range. The next Board Meeting is on February 29th, and Bob and Travis are planning to attend.
The mass start race on February 27th will have a large number of racers as a group of kids from MVB will be joining the competition (five different age groups, approximately thirteen competitors). To run the race in two heats, we will set up a full range (twelve targets), all rifle and ski racks, two penalty loops (a 100 m loop for the younger racers and a standard 150 m loop), and fencing to segregate various areas as needed. Awnings, tables, and seating will be set up around the warming hut for family and spectators. There will also be a BBQ next to the hut, with Michael Black behind the grill. Food, water, and other supplies for approximately fifty people are being donated and hauled up to the range by SPNC. After the race, group photos will be taken.
The race on February 28th will be a super sprint. The number of competitors will be smaller as MVB will not participate.
Old business:
Dave Anana suggested creating Thank You signs recognizing WBA sponsors that can be displayed at competitions. Bob printed a number of them for WBA members to take to events such as Masters in Konthiolati, Finland.
Approximately one year ago, an order for grips was placed with Leki in Germany. The order has been paid for, but so far the items have not been shipped. Bob will follow up.
The WBA has a few of its original race suits left, all in sizes large and X-large. New race garments are needed. Sabine has connections with a graphic design company and will work with them to propose options.
Bob is working with National Guard Member Josh Barrow on the possible availability of a National Guard facility in Seattle for dry-firing practice and ski waxing demos. A memorandum of understanding (MoU) will be needed and a National Guard Member will need to be present at each WBA meeting in this facility.
As the WBA continuous to grow, the number of sled runs hauling equipment to and from the range at SPNC has increased. The WBA has the funds to buy a lighter toboggan. Bob will ask Mike Power whether this option would be a useful to SPNC.
The next meeting was scheduled for March 29, 2016, at 6:30 PM at Brynís.
The President adjourned the meeting at 7:40 pm.