August 11th, 2015 - Board Meeting

A(n) Board Meeting presented by WBA at Private

The meeting was called to order at 6:34 pm. In attendance were President Bob Vallor, Treasurer Bryn Black, Board Members Cory Hoeger and Dave Shaw, and Secretary Sibylle Wilbert. Board Member Brian Palm attended by phone. Vice President Jack Whisler, Athletesí Representative Sean Kato, Board Member Mike Kamansky, and website administrator Greg Daly were unable to attend.
All attending had seen the minutes from the Board Meeting in July. Bob moved to accept the minutes. Dave seconded and all agreed.
No new membership applications had been received.
Bryn proceeded with the Treasurerís report. The checking account held $570.23 and the PayPal account $4,207.51. Net expenses for Lanny Barnesí T.O.P. Shooting Institute clinic were approximately $500.
The Lanny Barnes biathlon clinic on August 1st and 2nd at SPAA was excellent. Athletes spent both days on the range practicing specific aspects of shooting prone and off-hand, paired with fun competition drills. A lesson in disassembling and reassembling the bolt of an AnschŁtz rifle was also highly instructive.
The final event for the summer season is on August 30th at the Black Diamond Gun Club in Enumclaw with a cross biathlon mass start and mountain bike competition. Gene Econ will bring a rowing machine that can be programmed to simulate a biathlon race. It will be available to all who would like to try out this alternative to running or biking. Bob will have the mower fixed and will cut the vegetation on the range in the week of August 24th. Range setup and additional course preparation will be on August 29th.
Organized work parties will be necessary in the upcoming weeks for equipment repair and maintenance. Bob will also have additional keys to the container made for Board Members so they can independently work on small projects.
Bob will meet with the SPAA Board on August 18th to obtain approval for a rolling biathlon target and establish the details of its use.
The WBA has currently about 5000 rounds of ammunition available, which will be abundantly sufficient to cover the needs for the remainder of the summer season.
The annual WBA Members meeting will be on October 29th at 7:00 PM at the Alibi Room in Greenwood. Snacks will be served. Elections for a number of Board positions will be held at this meeting. The nomination period started on August 11th and ends on September 21st.
Positions up for election include the President, Secretary, Board Members #1 and #3, and Athletesí Representative. These positions are currently held by Bob Vallor, Sibylle Wilbert, Cory Hoeger, Mike Kamansky, and Sean Kato, respectively.
Bryn nominated Bob for the position of President, seconded by Dave. Bob nominated Sibylle for the position of Secretary, seconded by Cory. Bob nominated Cory for the position of Board Member #1, seconded by Dave. Cory nominated Mike for the position of Board Member #3, seconded by Dave. Sean Katoís availability as Athletesí Representative in the new term needs to be confirmed. Victor Woo will serve as the Elections Administrator.
The following old business was discussed:
The WBA website is now mostly managed by Bryn, but she may need occasional help with editing its functions. Mike or Brian might be able to assist if Greg is unavailable.
Summer season medals were ordered and have been delivered.
Bob is working on the layout for new WBA (2), SPAA (1), and SPNC (1) banners. He will place an order before the winter season starts.
A number of competitors have expressed interest in purchasing new WBA race suits and vests. Bob will place an order with VOmax. The WBA will also buy the remaining stock of WBA coats and race garments from Mike Lunenschloss.
Bob is in the process of assembling an order for Leki products in Germany.
Cory has ideas for new WBA T-shirt logos. He will work with the local printing company Dark Horse Ink to draft some options.
The following new business was discussed:
The National Guard will have a nutrition and fitness seminar with focus on biathlon on September 8th and 9th. Up to 5 WBA members are welcome to attend. Bryn will post the announcement.
Bryn proposed to organize dry-firing sessions for anyone interested. Dave offered his garage as a practice location. Bryn will post a message to assess interest.
To date, six retaining screws from the Izhmash rear sights have been lost. Dave Anana and Gene Econ asked John Benjamin from Portland for a quote for manufacturing replacements. If the cost for having these parts machined is too high, Bob will file down some screws by hand.
The next meeting will be on September 29th, 6:30 pm, at Brynís.
Bob adjourned the meeting at 7:35 pm.