July 14th, 2015 - Board Meeting

A(n) Board Meeting presented by at Private

The meeting was called to order at 6:38 pm. In attendance were President Bob Vallor, Vice President Jack Whisler, Treasurer Bryn Black, Board Member Cory Hoeger, and Secretary Sibylle Wilbert. Board Member Brian Palm attended by phone. Athletesí Representative Sean Kato, Board Members Mike Kamansky and Dave Shaw, and website administrator Greg Daly were unable to attend.
All attending had seen the minutes from the Board Meeting in March. Bob moved to accept the minutes. Cory seconded and all agreed.
No new membership applications had been received. Bryn has received a list of WBA membersí USBA membership status for this season from USBA Secretary Ruth Hall.
Bryn proceeded with the Treasurerís report. The checking account held $4,000.00 and the PayPal account $2,886.83. Upcoming expenses include approximately $2,500 for the T.O.P. Shooting Institute.
Races on June 14 and July 12 at SPAA went well. Caden Tounge suffered a minor injury by twisting his ankle during the July race. The final event for the summer season is on August 30 at the Black Diamond Gun Club in Enumclaw with cross biathlon mass start and mountain bike competitions. Range setup and course preparation will be on August 29. Bryn will post the dates and registration forms.
Work parties will be necessary for equipment repair and maintenance. Bob will look into possible dates. Bob will have additional keys to the container made for Board Members so they can independently work on small projects.
Former Olympian Lanny Barnes and co-founder of the T.O.P. Shooting Institute will be teaching a biathlon clinic on August 1 and 2 at SPAA. The class can accommodate a total of 16 people. So far, 10 have registered. Participants will have the option to buy WBA ammunition as needed if they cannot bring their own. Approximately 4000 rounds are currently in stock, which should cover the clinic. Additional ammunition can be purchased at SPAA. A safety clinic and range setup will be on the afternoon of Friday, July 31. Bob will post a message on the details.
The following old business was discussed:
Summer season medals need to be ordered. Bob found a source that charges less than $2.00 per medal.
Bob is working on the layout for new WBA (2), SPAA (1), and SPNC (1) banners. He will place an order before the winter season starts.
Bob will contact the SPAA Board to get approval for the rolling biathlon target. The box currently used for storage of the biathlon mats will be converted into a prone box for the rolling target.
A number of local competitors have expressed interest in purchasing new WBA race suits and vests. Bob will place an order with VOmax. The WBA will also buy the remaining stock of WBA coats and race garments from Mike Lunenschloss.
The following new business was discussed:
Some WBA members who cannot compete in summer cross biathlon have expressed interest in bringing their rowing machines to unofficially participate in the races. All agreed that this approach can be tried at the next event on August 30. Jack will get back to the interested members.
Jack proposed to bring back WBA T-shirts that could also be used as seasonís awards instead of or along with medals. Cory suggested having the T-shirts made by the local printing company Dark Horse Ink, who have a good reputation and offer a broad selection of performance apparel and T shirts.
Going forward, Bob will start collecting the rifle checkout sheets and will look into organizing help with rifle cleaning at work parties.
The annual WBA meeting is coming up in October. Bryn will look into available dates at the Alibi Room in Greenwood.
The next meeting will be on August 11th, 6:30 pm, at Brynís.
Bob adjourned the meeting at 7:16 pm.