October 29th, 2015 - WBA Annual Meeting

A(n) Social presented by WBA at Private

The 15th annual membership meeting was called to order at 7:43 PM by President Bob Vallor. Also in attendance were Vice President Jack Whisler, Treasurer Bryn Black, Secretary Sibylle Wilbert, Board Members Cory Hoeger and Brian Palm, Elections Administrator Victor Woo as well as Sabine Arnold and Chris, Mark Blondin, Elizabeth Krawczyk, Rich McClung, Sean O’Neill, Grete Porteous, Barbara Pullar, Dan Richards, Jim Slyfield, Andrei and Sharon Whyte, and Ann from Second Ascent. Athletes’ Representative Sean Kato, Board Members Mike Kamansky and Dave Shaw, and website administrator Greg Daly were not able to attend.
The President reviewed the state of the WBA. Despite the low snow cover and difficult skiing conditions, the WBA held six races last winter. An additional five races were held in the summer, which included cross country running and biking, as well as non-competitive rowing. The 2015 results and season points list can be viewed on the WBA website at http://www.wabiathlon.org/?results. The WBA offered several training opportunities last winter and summer for novices and experienced biathletes including two 2-day clinics by former Olympian Lanny Barnes.
Laura Sluder, who had made several trips from Idaho to participate in WBA events, was named Rookie of the Year.
A number of ski shows will be happening in the Seattle area this winter. The President will attend and possibly represent the WBA.
At the moment, the WBA owns 11 Izhmash rifles that can be used for practice and during competitions by WBA members. An additional 7-3 Izhmash, for sale in Indiana, is being purchased through a new FFL broker (charge is $25 per purchase). With this acquisition, the pool of WBA rifles has reached a size large enough to cover current needs. All are in good working condition; the rear sight screws lost during various races have been replaced. Ammunition is gradually reappearing for sale at affordable prices. The WBA is going into the winter season with a fair stock on hand.
Presently, the WBA has 72 active members. Renewals for WBA and USBA annual memberships are due at this time (forms are available on each Association's website) and members who submit their renewals by December 1 will be entered in a drawing for a free race weekend.
The Treasurer reported that the WBA had available cash of $2,816.12 and no debt. The annual revenues were $18,253.83 from earned revenues, membership dues, donations, and other miscellaneous proceeds. Expenses of $19,991.13 were due to capital equipment purchases, equipment maintenance and repair, insurance, trail passes, USBA membership dues, training, and other miscellaneous expenses.
Some members had expressed interest in purchasing new WBA racing suits and vests from VOmax, possibly with a change in design. A survey will be conducted to obtain additional input on uniform design preferences.
A mobile biathlon target has been built for standing and prone practice at SPAA. Pending work includes preparation of the ground or swapping the wheels to make the target roll more easily. The target and supplies will be stored under cover on rifle range #3, where it can be rolled to the 50-meter mark on the right-side wall when needed. Distance markers for wind flags are also on the wall. Eye protection is mandatory, and rifle adjustments must be made on a table or mat with the muzzle pointing down range. Bob purchased a table specifically for this purpose. Unless reserved or otherwise in use, rifle range #3 is generally available for biathlon practice Wednesday through Sunday to WBA members who are also SPAA members. Law enforcement training also takes place on this range and takes priority. Detailed instructions for setting up and using the practice target will be available electronically and as a paper copy posted prominently near the target.
The tentative 2016 winter season schedule was presented. Events at SPNC include a newcomer ski clinic on January 9 and a newcomer biathlon clinic on January 10, and ten competitions on January 23&24, February 6&7, February 27&28, March 12&13, and April 2&3. The Methow will host a race weekend on January 16&17 and welcomes WBA competitors. An additional race weekend in the Methow might be possible on February 13&14, which would replace the February 6&7 races at SPNC. World Masters Competitions are being held in Finland on March 16-20 and US Nationals in Maine on March 24-26.
The Elections Administrator presented the results from this year's Board elections (Appendix 1). Positions to be filled included the President, Secretary, Board Positions #1 and #3, and Athletes’ Representative. Each position had one candidate. All were incumbents except for the Athletes’ Representative candidate. Twenty-seven out of 71 eligible voters (38%) submitted valid ballots. Each of the incumbents was reelected: Bob Valor for President, Sibylle Wilbert for Secretary, and Cory Hoeger and Mike Kamansky for Board Positions #1 and #3, respectively. Sabine Arnold was elected the new Athletes' Representative. One comment was received, which suggested redesigning the SPNC rifle range and to use sign-up sheets for tasks during race days.
The President adjourned the meeting at 7:58 pm.

The Annual Meeting of the WBA Membership will be held on Thursday, October 29th at 7:00 pm at the Greenwood Alibi, 10406 Holman Rd N, Seattle. This is at Holman Rd and Greenwood Ave. It is the same place we were last year. Bryn will be posting menu options.

The meeting is a social with families and friends welcome. Some business needs to be attended to, specifically the annual elections and a “state of the WBA” update.