February 24th, 2015 - Board Meeting

A Winter Board Meeting competition presented by WBA at Private

The meeting was called to order at 6:40 pm. In attendance were President Bob Vallor, Vice President Jack Whisler, Treasurer Bryn Black, Board Members Cory Hoeger, Mike Kamansky, Brian Palm, and Dave Shaw, and Secretary Sibylle Wilbert. Athletes’ Representative Sean Kato and website administrator Greg Daly were unable to attend.
All attending had seen the minutes from the Annual Membership Meeting in October. Bob moved to accept the minutes. Cory seconded and all agreed.
New membership applications were received from Alix Anderson, Damian Dominik, Logan Ingersall, Aaron McOwen, Marcus Oesterwinter, Erik Philipson, Robert Rinker, Walter Rinker, Andrei Whyte, and Sharon Whyte. Life membership applications were received from Grete Porteous and Brian Palm. Bryn moved to accept the applications. Bob seconded and all agreed.
Bryn proceeded with the treasury report. The checking account held $1,599.05 and the PayPal account $2,101.28. With a net loss of $495.11, expenses and income from the Lanny Barnes clinic were nearly at break-even.
Plans for publishing a quarterly WBA Newsletter were reviewed. As the WBA has several active communication outlets (the front page of the main website, the Yahoo Newsgroups site, and the WBA Facebook site), the Board was in agreement that an additional Newsletter was not a high priority. The Board is working on identifying a volunteer for writing and posting race recaps on existing sites.
Bob was able to purchase a case of Aguila from SPAA for $4.70 a box and a case of 711B at an auction for $4.66 a box. The WBA currently has a stock 15,850 rounds (7,450 rounds of 711B and 8,400 rounds of Aguila), which should last well into the summer season. The general availability of ammunition appears to be improving.
Bryn is now fully trained on uploading data to the WBA website and continues to handle most of the data entry and editing.
Dave Anana, Bryn Black, Cory Hoeger, and Dave Shaw competed in Winter World Masters Games in Québec City, Canada, from January 31st to February 8 th, with Bob Vallor providing coaching and team support. Despite the extreme cold, with temperatures ranging from –16 ºC to –24 ºC, WBA competitors showed solid results bringing home five medals in three events. Congratulations to all competitors to a very impressive performance.
A number of WBA athletes are planning on participating in Biathlon US Nationals at the Auburn Ski Club in Truckee, CA, from March 19th to March 22nd. Lack of snow has affected the condition of the race course and the club is working hard to maintain several short loops. However, some aspects of the competition may need to be modified. Bob is in touch with the race organizers and will post further updates as soon as they come in.
Two more race weekends are planned at SPNC this winter, the next on March 7th (Individual) and 8th (Pursuit) and the final on April 11th (Super Sprint) and 12th (end of season relay and BBQ). These events may need to be modified or cancelled if snow conditions do not improve. If changes need to be made, Bob will post an announcement by Wednesday before the scheduled races.
A two-day biathlon clinic, held at SPNC on February 14th and 15th by co-founder and President of the T.O.P. Shooting Institute and former Olympian Lanny Barnes, was attended by 15 biathletes. Lanny’s wealth of knowledge, experience, and effective teaching were phenomenal and had an immediate positive impact on performance and confidence. The Board hopes to invite Lanny back for additional clinics in the future.
The upcoming summer season schedule was discussed. A newcomer clinic will be held at SPAA in the first week of June, possibly followed by a second clinic for women only if there is enough demand. The first race at SPAA will be in May and the second in June, likely on the 21st. The next race will be part of the WA State Games held between July 8th and 22nd. The fourth race will be in August, likely at the Black Diamond Gun Club (Brian will get in touch with their Board to set a date). An additional race may be scheduled at the North Central Washington Gun Club in Wenatchee (Bob is working with Travis Fox to organize this event). Races at SPAA may be scheduled for Sundays to allow for setup on Saturdays combined with shooting practice and/or work parties. Summer work parties will also be necessary at SPNC to level the firing and target lines.
The following old business was discussed:
Bob will place an order for winter season medals.
Bob built a rack mounted on a split board for storage and transportation of the shooting mats at SPNC. It has been in use for the first time this winter season and works great.
A movable metal target including a zero rack will be available at SPAA for practice to WBA members who are SPAA members (or a guest of an SPAA member who is present). The SPAA Board is currently discussing when and where the target can be deployed.
New WBA (2), SPAA (1), and SPNC (1) banners will be ordered. Bob will send out the proofs before placing the order.
A number of local competitors have expressed interest in purchasing new WBA race suits and vests. Bob has a list and will let everyone know what they owe before placing the order.
Leki products can now be ordered directly from LEKI in Germany. Bob has offered to place a bulk order for grips and straps for all who are interested.
The WBA has currently more than 400 fans on Facebook.
The next meeting will be on March 31st, 6:30 pm, at Bryn’s.
Bob motioned to adjourn the meeting at 7:47 pm. Dave seconded and all agreed.