April 12th, 2020 - Mixed Relay and BBQ

A Winter Mixed Relay competition presented by WBA at SPNC

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Mixed Relay - teams will be established by the Chief of Competition to help encourage a level playing field for all teams. This is intended to be fun for all and does NOT count into the WA Cup Season Points.

Competition Site: The Stevens Pass Nordic Center is located on U.S. Hwy 2, five miles east of the summit of Stevens Pass. The Biathlon Range is a 3km ski from the Nordic Center. Do not buy a trail pass at the Nordic Center, it is covered in your entry fee.

Note: The biathlon range at SPNC is 3km away from the Nordic Center building and its services. We provided bottled water at the range but there is no food service. As the races run from morning into the afternoon it is a good idea to bring a snack or something to eat. Sunday there will be a picnic at the range after the relay race.

Eligibility: This event is open to all biathlon racers who have completed the USBA Safety Class. For racers 8 to 14 years old additional shooting training is required. Contact the Chief of Competition at bob.vallor@wabiathlon.org. *Please see Safety Class and Biathlon Introduction offered each Saturday of competition weekends.

Volunteers: Volunteers are always needed for races. This is an excellent way for those new to the sport to see a race at the closest possible vantage and to learn about how a competition functions. Score keeping is also very easy. If you would like to assist Contact the Chief of Competition at bob.vallor@wabiathlon.org.

Safety Certification: The Mandatory U.S. Biathlon Association safety certification course will be given on Saturday morning if needed. If you have already taken the safety course but it has been a few years you are encouraged to go again, as there have been some rule changes in recent seasons. Those taking the class for the first time are not eligible to race.

Competition Format and Schedule
8:30 to 9:00 am: On-site check in at the Nordic Center (pre-registering by webscorer is required unless you make other arrangements by e-mail with Bryn Black (bryn.black(at)wabiathlon.org) We cannot accept credit or debit cards. Make checks out to: Washington Biathlon Association
9:00 to 10:30 am: Range set-up
10:30 to 11:15 am: Rifle Zeroing
11:30 am: Race time
TBD: Range equipment breakdown

When to Arrive at the Range: Early arrival at the range is encouraged as help with range and course set-up that will be needed prior to the race. Please do your part and help with set-up before the event and break-down afterward.

Rifles: Rifles will be available for those without their own. These are Izhmash Bi 7-4 and Bi 7-3 biathlon rifles. We do have left handed rifles.

Lodging: With a few exceptions the nearest lodging is in Leavenworth, 30 miles east of the Nordic Center. Leavenworth offers numerous choices and varied rates. Check on line at www.leavenworth.org.

WASHINGTON CUP SERIES Beginning with the January 4th and 5tht weekend of competition the WBA will host the Biathlon Race Series, seven points races of varying length and format. The International Biathlon Union season points system will be in effect and racer points will be totaled to determine the state champions by age group as well as a ranking list. Join us for exciting Biathlon competitions. See www.wabiathlon.org for the race schedule

Season Points
For all Washington Biathlon Association Biathlon Seasons, the International Biathlon Union race points system will be in effect. Points a racer receives from each of the races will be totaled at the end of the April competition and the male and female biathletes in age groups with the most points will be named WASHINGTON CUP Biathlon Champions. See www.wabiathlon.org for more information.