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Board Nominations and Save the Dates

The nomination period for the WBA Board is now open. Please submit your nominations to Kathleen Colvard at

Deadline for nominaitons is Sept 17, 2019.

Please submit your nominations for the following positions:
Athletes Representative
Board position 1
Board position 3

November 6 Annual Meeting (and Party) of the Membership
November 16 Second Annual Biathlon Summit

WBA By-Laws
Article 5: Election of Board of Directors

Section 1. Eligibility. Any Association member, eighteen (18) years or older, in at least his/her second year of membership in the Association, USBA or other USBA recognized biathlon club, is eligible to seek election to a position on the BOD.

Section 2. Term of Office. All officers and board members shall serve a term of two (2) years with the President and Treasurer being elected in odd numbered years (e.g., 2005) and the Vice-President and Secretary being elected in even numbered years (e.g., 2006). At-Large Board positions #1 and #3 will be elected in odd numbered years. At-Large Board positions #2 and #4 will be elected in even number years. The Athlete Representative shall serve a term of one (1) year. All terms of office shall begin on the First of November following the Annual Membership meeting. However, should the Annual Membership meeting be postponed for any reason, all terms of office will be extended through the end of the rescheduled annual meeting.

Section 3. Nominations. A candidate for a position of the board of Directors must be nominated and seconded by an association member who is eligible to vote. A candidate may nominate him/herself, but cannot second, him/herself. Nominations may be made in advance to any board member during the nomination period from the August board meeting until the September board meeting. All nominees are encouraged to provide the Election Administrator with a brief (100 words) summary of their qualifications. Copies of each submitted summary will be provided to the membership with the mailed ballots and will be posted on the Association's web page.

August race weekend

Saturday, Aug 17 - setup starts at 10:30am
The more folks who help set up the more practice time!

Sunday, Aug 18
Mass Start and Mountian Bike races will be shortened due to some new range restrictions.

Super Sprint Weekend July 20-21, 2019

Saturday set up and training starts at 11am. Remember, the more who show the faster we get set up and the more open practice time available.

Questions, please email

Summer Schedule ... for now.

The following races will be held at SPAA.

June 22 - Set up and practice. - 10am
June 23 - Race (sorry no safety class available)
July 20 - Set up and practice
July 21 - Race
August 17 - Set up and practice
August 18 - Race

Spring Intro Clinic May 25, Open Training Day May 26

Registration for the Spring Intro Clinic now open.

This events is designed for new biathletes or biathletes who need a refresher. This are not intended for experienced racers.

We are limited to 16 people.

Please email with questions.

May 25
Click here to register

Open Training Day:
This is an open training day for experienced biathletes. Must currently have a USBA Safety Certification.
Structured drills will be offered for those who want to participate.
Participants will be expected to help take down the range at the end of the day.
Cost of $15 will cover range fees and regular maintainance costs.

Please contact if you have questions.

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